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Is The Little Mermaid streaming? How to watch the Disney movie remake

It's the latest live-action Disney remake released in 2023. So, here's how to watch The Little Mermaid and whether it's available for streaming on Disney Plus.

javier bardem as king triton in the little mermaid

Is The Little Mermaid streaming? Five years after development officially began, The Little Mermaid live-action movie finally arrived this year. Like Ariel, it feels like we’ve been waiting a lifetime to be “part of their world,” so a return under the sea feels well overdue.

The Little Mermaid is already considered one of the best live-action Disney remakes and is based on the 1989 film (AKA: one of the best animated movies of all time). But if you are still uneasy, rest assured that with Alan Menken returning as a composer and Chicago’s Rob Marshall directing, this jaunt into the deep blue sea is as whimsical as ever. And if that still isn’t enough, check out our five-star Little Mermaid review for more info!

Needless to say, The Little Mermaid was one of the most exciting new movies of 2023, and one you shouldn’t have missed. But if you did, here’s how to watch The Little Mermaid on streaming.

Where can I watch The Little Mermaid?

The Little Mermaid is available to purchase via VOD platforms such as Prime Video and Apple TV, and is available to stream o Disney Plus.

So not only can you watch one of the best Disney movies released in recent years at home, but you can also view it via a sing-along version with access to its bonus features. Talk about a prized catch!

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Is The Little Mermaid streaming?

The Little Mermaid is available to rent or purchase via VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime Video. It can also be streamed at no extra cost on Disney Plus.

Disney‘s new release pattern is to wait for a theatrical run to finish and to release digital media before allowing its films to go streaming. The Little Mermaid took longer than some recent films, but September 6, 2023, was eventually announced for streaming.

awkwafina as scuttle in the little mermaid

Is The Little Mermaid on Netflix?

Sorry folks, but The Little Mermaid isn’t on Netflix, and probably never will be.

Because why would Disney not put the movie on its own streamer? Remember that we are living in a time of streaming wars, and distribution for films is like gold. So we doubt that a Netflix release date will ever be announced.

halle bailey as ariel and jonah hauer king as eric on the boat in the little mermaid

Is The Little Mermaid on Disney Plus?

The Little Mermaid is available to stream on Disney Plus, since it dropped on the platform on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.

The Little Mermaid can be streamed on Disney Plus at no additional cost to subscribers.

Is The Little Mermaid on Prime Video?

Yes! You can now buy or rent The Little Mermaid via Amazon Prime Video. And you can view the film in a variety of formats, such as 4K UHD and HD. 

If you want to sign up for an Amazon Prime membership, be sure to click our link here.

halle bailey as ariel staring at the castle in the little mermaid

Is The Little Mermaid on Blu-Ray?

The Little Mermaid’s Blu-ray releases on September 19, 2023, in a variety of formats.

A 4K UHD disc is on the seafood menu, as is the solid standard Blu-Ray.

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