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The Flash’s digital release is even speedier than he is, it turns out

The Flash's digital release date is approaching faster than a freight train, or Barry Allen himself. We also have news about the DC movie's physical media.

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in The Flash

DCU‘s The Flash will be speeding on to digital platforms for fans to purchase in the near future, and considerably quicker than some people may have expected. The DCU movie’s digital release date, and physical media announcement, coming soon actually make a lot of sense, though.

It all has to do with box-office performance, particularly how studios are handling the situation when new movies underperform. Post-COVID-19, the approach has changed when it comes to making films available digitally: when a project flops, studios speed up the digital release to recoup as much money as possible.

This is the case for The Flash, which opened on June 15, 2023, and is coming to digital platforms for purchase and rental on July 17, 2023, in the UK and July 18 in the US. One of the best superhero movies to come from the DC label in recent years, it flopped at the multiplex. So, we now have the answer to when is The Flash streaming.

Whether you prefer to rent or buy movies digitally, it’ll land on VOD retailers such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and more on those dates. As for physical media, that’ll be September 18, 2023, in the UK, and August 29 in the US. It won’t be streaming on Max just yet, however, or any of the best streaming services for that matter.

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Warner Bros. was the ‘day-and-date’ [releasing movies in theaters and its streaming service on the same date] pioneer during the pandemic, but that has changed now. Following in the footsteps of Universal, who have taken advantage of the change in the tide when it comes to audience behavior to the best effect, Warner Bros. is no longer putting its films on Max simultaneously, or even soon after movies’ release dates.

Instead, a healthy gap is implemented between the VOD and streaming releases to facilitate a better bottom line for its productions. More time on VOD tends to recover more cash as opposed to the investment value of propping up streaming services with new releases.

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