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Man of Steel 2 release date speculation and more news

Here's all we know about the Man of Steel 2 release date, including an update on Henry Cavill's status in the DCU, who would be in the cast list, and more news.

Man of Steel 2 release date

What is happening with the Man of Steel 2 release date? Henry Cavill’s status as Superman is a confusing situation, indeed. If you’re wondering whether he will don the blue and red ever again, we have got you covered.

Anyone who’s seen the Black Adam ending will know Henry Cavill popped up for a cameo and subsequently confirmed he was returning to the role of Supes in the DCU. However, not long after the release of that DC movie, everything changed. James Gunn was revealed as the new head of the DC film division and announced his slate of new movies as part of Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. (Editor: I’ll get rewriting the DC movies in order guide again)

There’s been plenty of speculation since then on if Cavill would return as Clark Kent in a Superman movie, and if so, who’d be directing. Well, we’ve all the information you need on a prospective Man of Steel 2 release date right here.

Man of Steel 2 release date speculation

Man of Steel 2 is no longer happening. Henry Cavill announced on December 15 that he would not be returning to the role of Superman, after all.

That change is the result of James Gunn’s DCU shake-up and seems to come with the fact he’s eager to wipe the slate completely clear. However, just because Henry Cavill’s being dropped (again) and there isn’t going to be a Man of Steel 2 doesn’t mean there won’t be another superhero movie starring the strongest man on Earth.

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As a consolation prize, Gunn has written the script for Superman Legacy, a new film centered around the Man of Steel that’s going to kickstart his DCU properly. Cavill won’t be in it, but the future is bright for the last son of Krypton.

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