Man of Steel 2 release date speculation, and more

Man of Steel 2 release date speculation - what's going on with Henry Cavill's status as Superman, and will he get a new movie in the DCU?

Man of Steel 2 release date

Henry Cavill was returning as Superman, and now he’s not. So what’s going on with the Man of Steel 2 release date? Anyone who’s seen Black Adam, and also plenty who haven’t, will know that Cavill made his return to DC as the invincible Man of Steel.

The last time fans had seen Cavill’s Superman was in the team-up DC movie Justice League, which saw the DC’s finest unite to battle against Steppenwolf. There’s been plenty of speculation since then on if Cavill would return as Clark Kent in a Superman movie, and if so, who’d be directing.

But, since James Gunn has been made the new head of the DCU, things have gotten very intriguing again. Even more so than Dwayne Johnson, Gunn has truly shaken up the hierarchy of power in the DCU Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. So, here’s everything we know about the Man of Steel 2 release date.

Man of Steel 2 release date speculation

The Man of Steel 2 release date doesn’t exist because it’s no longer happening. After Henry Cavill announced his return to the character in October 2022, he then made a further announcement on December 15 that he would not be returning, after all.

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That change is the result of James Gunn’s DCU shake-up and seems to come with the fact that he’s eager to wipe the slate completely clear. However, just because Henry Cavill’s being dropped (again) and there isn’t going to be a Man of Steel 2 doesn’t mean that there won’t be another superhero movie.

As a consolation prize, Gunn has written the script for Superman Legacy, a new movie centred around the Man of Steel that’s going to kickstart his DCU properly. Cavill won’t be in it, but the future is bright for the last son of Krypton.

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