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Creature Commandos rumors tease potential Wonder Woman reboot

Creature Commandos could be setting up the return of Wonder Woman in James Gunn's DCU, if an uncovered casting update is to be believed.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in front of the Creature Commandos

James Gunn’s DCU is already ambitious. His initial slate includes reboots of Superman and Batman, and the screen debut of the Creature Commandos. The latter could prove more important than we thought, because a curious addition to the cast has been leaked, potentially hinting at Wonder Woman’s return.

As far as the DCU goes, Wonder Woman has been one of the biggest question marks. Gal Gadot, who portrayed the DC character until now, seemed to believe Wonder Woman 3 was happening until Gunn made clear it wasn’t. Diana Prince has been in limbo ever since, with no confirmed appearances.

A lowkey cast listing for Creature Commandos may suggest Wonder Woman’s reboot is coming together. According to her CV on Spotlight, as spotted by a Twitter account, Anya Chalotra has joined the upcoming animated series as Circe, a regular villain of Wonder Woman’s.

The extent of Circe’s role in Creature Commandos remains to be seen, as does confirmation of her presence. Right now, all we have is this listing, but it’s from an acting directory, so there’s very likely some truth to it, even if it’s a small part.

Circe’s actually an old DC villain, going back to 1947. She draws from the woman who imprisoned Odysseus on her island in Homer’s Odyssey, and they share some characteristics: beautiful, hugely powerful when it comes to magic, and immortal. Prophecy has Circe decide that Wonder Woman must be destroyed as an act of self-preservation, creating a long-running rivalry.

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Diana’s not the only hero Circe faces, as she’s squared off against Superman and Supergirl too. Hm – that’s convenient for Superman Legacy and the Supergirl: World of Tomorrow release date, isn’t it? So even if this isn’t building towards Wonder Woman, there are some clear overlaps with the overall universe, and that’s before mentioning Paradise Lost, the Wonder Woman prequel that’s already part of Gods and Monsters.

Personally, I’d bet this is Gunn creating groundwork for Wonder Woman without over-committing on worldbuilding. He seems keen to avoid mistakes of the previous DCEU, where plans seemed scattered film to film, leading to a very disjointed universe where nobody was sure what was connected to what. Seriously, if our DC movies in order guide makes one thing clear, it’s Warner Bros has needed a Kevin Feige for years.

Introducing Circe in Creature Commandos – a TV series about a team of misfit antiheroes in WWII – creates opportunity for her to be a thorn in Wonder Woman’s side later, without generating too much expectation for Diana Prince to arrive any time soon. Nonetheless, that’s one new movie I’m very keen for if we get Chalotra portraying the magic user.

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