Black Adam 2 release date speculation, cast, story, and more

The hierarchy of power in the DCEU will never be the same again, so what's going to happen when the Black Adam 2 release date comes?

Black Adam 2 release date: Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

What is the Black Adam 2 release date? We may have waited a literal decade for the Black Adam release date to come around, but we have already got one eye on the future of the DCEU and we got to thinking about the superhero movie sequel.

The new Dwayne Johnson movie has changed the hierarchy of power in the DCEU forever, and introduced lots of new characters that can play a part in whatever Black Adam gets up to next, either with him or against him. Our Black Adam review suggests the film may just have stabilised the DC movie timeline, so a sequel is bound to happen, right?

Well, we’ve got all the details on when and if the Black Adam 2 release date will happen, what might go down in the movie, and who could be involved. Warning, spoilers for Black Adam lie ahead.

Black Adam 2 release date speculation

There hasn’t been official confirmation that Black Adam 2 is happening yet, and recent reports suggest any plans for the project may be scrapped under the new leadership at DC.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the fact the first Black Adam movie struggled at the box-office twinned with the potential to have a clean slate to work with as DC moves forward could mean Black Adam 2 never sees the light of day.

Even if the thriller movie sequel is announced, it would be years until we get to see Black Adam 2. We don’t think it would take quite as long as it took for the first movie to make it to the big screen, but we reckon it could be 2026 before we see Black Adam in action again.

That said, in an interview with, producer Hiram Garcia revealed the Black Adam team will be working “pretty fast” to get a sequel on our screens. Watch this space!

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Black Adam 2 plot speculation

With no Black Adam 2 currently confirmed, we can only guess what the plot would entail, but we’d be willing to bet that any story for a sequel to the action movie would involve Henry Cavill’s Superman in some capacity.

In the Black Adam ending, we saw the titular character come face to face with the Man of Steel, and the two looked like they were about to lock horns before the cut to credits. Many fans will want to see these two incredible powerful beings take each other on, and Dwayne Johnson has hinted heavily that the fans will be listened to.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

At the end of the first movie, we also leave Adam at something of a crossroads in his journey. He’s clearly learned from the Justice Society and the likes of Adrianna and Amon, and it feels as though he is going to be a little bit more pragmatic in the way he deals with bad guys from now on, maybe. Could we see Black Adam take further steps towards being a genuine hero?

Well, probably not completely. We know how much Black Adam loves to rip people in half and electrocute villains until you can see their skeleton, and Dwayne Johnson prides himself on being the baddest anti-hero in town, so it’s unlikely we will see Black Adam entirely leave behind his ultraviolent roots any time soon.

Black Adam 2 release date: Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Black Adam 2 cast speculation

The one person we can absolutely guarantee will return for Black Adam 2 is Dwayne Johnson. It wouldn’t be Black Adam without him, after all.

We also assume that, with how integral they were to his story this time around, both Adrianna (Sarah Shahi) and Amon (Bodhi Sabongui) would return for a sequel. The setting of Kahndaq is so important to Black Adam, and the pair are key figures in that world.

It’s also highly likely that Black Adam’s friends in the Justice Society would appear once more. Although they didn’t see eye to eye at first, Hawkman and Black Adam made a good team, and the likes of Atom Smasher and Cyclone may need his help once more in the future.

Is Shazam in Black Adam?

Now for the fun part. We’ve already said we think Henry Cavill’s Superman might show up in Black Adam 2, but we also think there could be some kind of cameo appearance for Shazam (Zachary Levi) too. They share the same powers, and while we didn’t see Shazam in Black Adam, the path has been laid for them to cross paths soon.

That’s all we know about the Black Adam 2 release date for now, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more in the future. Until then, check out our guides to the Aquaman 2 release date and the Joker 2 release date for more DC movies.