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Chris Tucker reveals one of his ’90s movies made fans very angry

It might be considered one of the best Chris Tucker movies, but this '90s thriller proved to be a disappointment for some of the actor's most fervent fans.

One of these Chris Tucker movies made fans angry

The ’90s were a great time for fans of Chris Tucker movies, with the stand-up comedian making the jump to the big screen. Chris Tucker‘s biggest hits came during this era, but one of the best movies he did got a negative reaction from his fans – for a very specific reason.

Tucker showed up in some of the best ’90s movies, breaking out with his role in Friday before camping it up in The Fifth Element and teaming with Jackie Chan for the first movie in the Rush Hour franchise.

Between those outings, though, he worked with the red hot Quentin Tarantino on Jackie Brown. Tucker appears briefly in the opening minutes of one of the best Quentin Tarantino movies, interacting with Samuel L Jackson’s protagonist before being brutally killed off.

The actor explained in a GQ video that his fans did not take too kindly to Tucker’s swift farewell. They wanted more of him.

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“My fans got mad because they were like ‘we came to see you in a movie and you’re getting knocked off in the first scene’. They got mad at me at that time because I was starring in movies and they wanted to really see me,” he said.

For the actor, though, it was a no-brainer of a role, He wanted to join forces with Tarantino, who was riding high off the success of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction – two of the best thriller movies ever made.

Tucker added: “I wanted to do it because Quentin Tarantino was one of the hottest directors and you just wanted to work with him to say you’d worked with him. So it was fun. I knew it was just gonna be a quick scene. I remember Samuel L Jackson, working with him. It was worth it, it was a lot of fun.”

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It’s totally understandable that any star would want to work with Tarantino during this period, and Jackie Brown is now considered by many Tarantino fans to be the unsung classic in his filmography.

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