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Chris Hemsworth shares son’s friend’s brutal Thor 4 criticisms

Love and Thunder isn't exactly known as one of the best Marvel movies, but it turns out that Chris Hemsworth's harshest critics are basically on his doorstep.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Love and Thunder

From the early days of the MCU, the God of Thunder has been flying around, waving that iconic hammer and showing off his golden locks. And star Chris Hemsworth has done a worthy job of starring in some of the best superhero movies around as as result.

But the most recent Thor outing, Love and Thunder, was met with mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike. It certainly doesn’t stand as one of the best MCU movies (or Taika Waititi movies, for that matter).

But Chris Hemsworth seems to know this, and probably because a fan a little too close to home told him as such.

According to Thor himself, the biggest critics of the adventure movies are his sons’s friends.

“It’s a bunch of eight-year-olds critiquing my film,” he said [via Variety]. “‘We thought this one had too much humor, the action was cool but the VFX weren’t as good.’ I cringe and laugh equally at it.”

Tough crowd. (Personally, we like a little humor in our Thor movies.)

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But regardless of the reason, Love and Thunder does act as something of a stain on the Thor franchise. (Though probably not as much as The Dark World!) Currently, Taika Waititi’s first Thor venture sits at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, while Love and Thunder is significantly lower on the ladder at 63%.

Right now, Chris Hemsworth is busy prepping for the Extraction 2 release date, and isn’t currently slated to return to the MCU timeline soon. That said, if he does decide to step into those Asgardian shoes yet again, we’d be happy to see it.

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