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Barry season 4 – how does [SPOILER] die?

The stakes are raised dramatically in Barry season 4 episode 4 as NoHo Hank's happy new life is totally upended, so here's the answer to does Cristobal die.

Bill Hader as Barry Berkman in Barry season 4

How does Cristobal die in Barry season 4? Death is a staple of the hit HBO show, and with the final season in full swing, we expect plenty more characters will meet their demise.

Over the course of its four seasons, Barry has become one of the best TV series around, and also has one of the highest kill counts, too. Death comes for us all at some point, but it seems to catch up with people a lot quicker when they spend time with Barry Berkman.

Cristobal and NoHo Hank appear to have it made when we see them in Barry season 4 episode 3, but how does Cristobal die in the latest instalment of the comedy series? Warning, spoilers ahead, so make sure you have seen Barry season 4 episode 4 before reading!

How does Cristobal die in Barry season 4 episode 4?

Cristobal is shot dead by the Chechen in Barry season 4 episode 4 after he tries to walk away from his relationship with Hank. The problem is, Cristobal knows too much about the Chechen, so they cannot let him leave.

Instead, they shoot him dead as he goes to get in his car. Hank knows this is about to happen and it breaks his heart, but he understands it needs to be done for the good of the criminal organisation. Cristobal was not happy about the fact Hank had abandoned the legitimate business approach and wanted to get away from it all, but he has seen too much already.

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So, that’s the last we will see of Michael Irby in the Barry cast unfortunately. But, there’s plenty more episodes of Barry season 4 to come, which means plenty more action and shocks, too.

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