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Avatar 2 The Way of Water ending explained

If you were confused by the new James Cameron movie then don't worry we've broken down the whole science fiction movie for your reading pleasure

Warning we’re going to be recapping the Avatar 2 ending. There will be spoilers. So if you haven’t seen the new James Cameron movie, then get yourself to the theatre as soon as possible because this film deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible. Right OK with that? On with the ending explained.

Avatar 2 begins with Jake Sully and Neytiri enjoying a peaceful life among the Omaticaya Clan. The pair have started a family made up of their children Neteyam, Lo’ak, Tuk and their adopted daughter Kiri. A young human known as Spider has also taken to hanging around with the Sully kids, although Neytiri is suspicious of him because of his human origins.

While all seems well, things take a turn when the humans and the RDA invade Pandora once again. To stop humanity from strip mining the planet, the Omaticaya, led by Jake, start attacking supply routes disrupting the human’s attempts to colonise the planet. To put a stop to the Na’vi attacks the RDA despatch Colonel Quaritch, in a new cloned avatar body, and group of avatar marines to capture and kill Jake.

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Avatar 2 ending explained

Using his new Na’vi body Quaritch and his team manage to ambush the young Sullys while their parents are away. Holding them hostages, Jake and Neytiri realise that somehow Quaritch has returned. While they manage to hold off the marines, Spider is abducted, and Jake realises his family isn’t safe in the forest.

Jake then gives up his role as chief of the Omaticaya, and he and his family flee hundreds of miles away to the home of the Metkayina clan, a chain of hundreds of islands where Quaritch will never find them. While Metkayina are initially unwilling to take the Sullys in, fearing it will bring the war to their doors, Jake’s legendary reputation sees them reluctantly accepted.

Avatar 2 ending explained

Meanwhile, Quaritch, who’s revealed to be Spider’s father, tries to convince his son to join him. While Spider’s reluctant, he agrees to teach Quaritch and his marines the ways of the Na’vi, even showing them how to tame the flying Ikran.

As Jake and his family slowly learn “the way of water”, they’re slowly accepted by the Metkayina. However, Lo’ak and Kiri, who have apparent human traits due to their avatar heritage, are bullied by the younger members of the Metkayina clan.

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This culminates in Lo’ak eventually being taken and abandoned beyond the safety of the reef around the Metkayina village as a prank. While there, Lo’ak meets the Tulkun, a sort of Pandoran whale, Payakan, who saves the young Na’vi from a shark-like creature.

The two bond, and Lo’ak starts to win the respect of the younger Metkayina, befriending Tsireya, the village chief’s daughter. Meanwhile, the profoundly spiritual Kiri is taken to the Metkayinan Tree of Souls, where she attempts to talk to her mother, Grace Augustine.

Avatar 2 ending explained

While connected, however, Kiri suffers a seizure and is taken back to the village. Unfortunately, Jake makes the rash decision to contact his old human friends, which tips Quaritch off as to their location.

While Quaritch doesn’t know the exact area, he knows the rough location and recruits some Pandoran whalers who hunt the Tulkun, hoping to draw out the Sullys. After brutally slaughtering a Tulkun that’s bonded to the Metkayina chief’s wife, Ronal.

Avatar 2 ending explained

Terrified for the Tulkun Lo’ak and the kids make the rash decision to try and save their friend but end up being spotted by Quaritch. With the children now hostage Jake, Neytiri and the rest of the Metkayina arm themselves for war and head off to battle.

Contacting Jake over the radio, Quaritch offers a deal. Jake will hand himself over, and in return, he’ll release the kids. While Jake agrees to the bargain, he’s rescued by Payakan, who launches himself out of the water and attacks the whaler’s ship.

Avatar 2 ending explained

In confusion, a full battle breaks out. While the humans and Quaritch seem defeated, Neteyam is killed by stray gunfire while saving his brother, and the family is left heartbroken. The Sullys don’t have much time to grieve, however, as Quaritch is soon back in touch, warning Jake he’s now kidnapped Kiri and Tuk.

Jake and Neytiri once again head over to the now sinking whaler’s ship, where Quaritch is holding the children hostage. The pair make for a deadly team and manage to wipe out the remaining avatar marines until the one left is Quaritch.

Avatar 2 ending explained

Holding Kiri at knifepoint, Quaritch convinces Jake to surrender, but before he can strike, Neytiri grabs Spider, who was bought along as a guide, and warns the deranged colonel that she’ll kill his son. Quaritch tries to claim he doesn’t care for the boy, but when Neytiri cuts Spider, Quaritch panics and releases Kiri.

With Jake and Quaritch locked in a knife fight once again, Neytiri and Tuk are swept into the bowls of the sinking ship. Jake eventually gets the upper hand on Quaritch, seemingly killing him but is trapped on the boat as it sinks.

Avatar 2 ending explained

Similarly, Neytiri and Tuk are both trapped in the dark, with their air slowly running out. All seems lost until Lo’ak arrives to rescue his dad while Kiri, who’s started to demonstrate the ability to control certain animals and plants, sends glow fish to lead Neytiri and Tuk to safety.

Spider, meanwhile, is hunting for the Sullys when he finds a seemingly dead Quaritch. Briefly feeling sympathy for his clone dad, he drags Quaritch to the surface, saving his life. The colonel gives Spider the opportunity to join him, but the boy rejects him.

Avatar 2 ending explained

As the Sullys and Spider (who’s remarkably cool with Neytiri trying to kill him) reunite, we see Neteyam’s funeral, and the Metkayina accept the Sullys fully into their clan.

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