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Penn Badgely thinks it’d be “cool” if Jenna Ortega returned on You

You star Penn Badgely tells us he'd love to have Jenna Ortega back on the Netflix series, though just how that'll happen remains to be seen.

Penn Badgely in You season 4

As enjoyable as You season 4 has been, one thing is missing – an appearance by Jenna Ortega. The star of Netflix series Wednesday was due to show up, but was too busy joining The Addams Family. Speaking to The Digital Fix, Penn Badgely, who leads the You cast as Joe Goldberg, is up for seeing her again on the drama series.

“Yeah, it’d be really, really cool. I love Jenna, and I love that she’s like blowing up right now, to say the least,” Badgely told us. “It’d be so cool. I don’t know what that would look like and I don’t know that it would make the most sense for the show itself. But yeah, I mean, you know, I think if they figure out how to do it, it’d be great. Amazing.”

Ortega first appeared in season 2 of the thriller series, as Ellie Alves, a neighbour of Joe’s. Not only does she survive being in Joe’s vicinity, but he starts paying her hush money monthly.

That last part is maybe why Badgely isn’t sure if Ortega coming back makes the most sense. Ellie and Joe have a deal, and if they acknowledged each other, that would almost certainly mean the end of their agreement.

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But then, an ongoing theme has been that Joe can’t run away from his crimes forever. Who knows – it’s not like the show’s internal logic has been all that consistent. We won’t get into the warped London geography of the current season, but suffice to say, Joe should take up long distance running with the length of his commute.

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