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Why did Yellowstone 1932 change its title to 1923?

When the third Yellowstone TV series was announced it was titled 1932 but that quickly changed to 1923, here's the reason it was changed

Harrison FOrd in Yellowstone 1923

Why did Yellowstone 1932 change its title to 1923? In February 2022, it was announced Paramount was developing a second Yellowstone spin-off title set after the events of 1883 in the Yellowstone timeline.

This new TV series would tell the story of Cara and Jacob Dutton (Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford), the great-grandaunt and uncle of Kevin Costner's grumpy Rancher John Dutton III. The initial title for the spin-off western was 1932, but it changed in June 2022 to 1923. So why was the title changed from 1932 to 1923?

Why did Yellowstone 1932 change its title to 1923?

The decision to change the title from 1932 to 1923 was made so that the series could focus on earlier historical events like prohibition, the Great Depression, and the consequences of World War 1.

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