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Harrison Ford shares “redeeming” quality of his Yellowstone character

1923 star, Harrison Ford, reveals what he believes is the redeeming quality of his Yellowstone character, Jacob Dutton, in the hit TV series.

Harrison Ford shares "redeeming" quality of his Yellowstone character

The Yellowstone timeline is constantly growing with sequels and prequel TV series. One of these spin-off shows is 1923, which sees Harrison Ford leading the Dutton family and navigating bloodshed, threats, and of course, cattle.

However, Ford’s Yellowstone character, Jacob Dutton, isn’t exactly a friendly guy. In fact, during the Western show, we have seen Jacob carry out his version of frontier justice with brutal measures. In Episode 3, viewers of the drama series witnessed the character deal with a gang of sheepherders when he hanged them without any form of legitimate trial.

It may seem pretty extreme at first glance. However, Ford has shared how Jacob isn’t all bad. In fact, the actor believes that his role has some redeeming qualities.

In a short video promo for the hit TV series 1923 – titled “Nature’s Empty Throne’ Behind the Story’ – Ford discussed the state of Jacob during the hanging scene described above.

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“It is, for the character, not a terrible moral dilemma. It’s what he knows. For us, to consider his behaviour, it may be hard to understand,” he explained. “But in context, and in the time, it’s still a little difficult to understand, but there’s that side of the man, and then there’s the very respectful warm relationship with his wife that I think is redeeming.”

The wild west wasn’t a peaceful time, so, as Ford correctly points out, Jacob’s actions have to be examined through a historical lens. However, the character’s dedication to his wife Cara – played by Yellowstone cast member Helen Mirren – is indeed redeemable to some extent.

Does it make up for all the murders? Probably not, but hey, at least it is something. Fans can now watch 1923 on the streaming service Paramount Plus. For more Yellowstone, here is everything we know about 1923 season 2, and the 6666 release date.