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Surprise 1883 announcement has Yellowstone fans desperate for answers

Paramount recently surprised fans of the best western TV series, Yellowstone, with an announcement about spin-off 1883, but it left viewers a bit confused.

Tim McGraw in Yellowstone 1883 season 1

Paramount Plus just announced a strange thing about the Yellowstone spin-off 1883, leaving fans of one of the best westerns a little dumbfounded.

Ahead of the Yellowstone 1883 season 2 release date, Paramount surprised viewers with the reveal that the TV series, once exclusive to the best streaming service for cowboys, would be receiving a shake-up.

The Yellowstone prequel will now not only air on that streaming platform but will be released on network TV — with a confusing catch.

Yellowstone 1883 Paramount Instagram announcement

Apparently, viewers will be able to watch the entire ten-episode run of the first season weekly on the Paramount Network TV channel starting June 18, 2023, at 8 pm ET.

Additionally, the outlet said unseen extended content will be shown after each episode airs. The news was confirmed by Yellowstone’s official Instagram, with a post celebrating 1883’s network premiere (seen above).

YouTube Thumbnail

Some people don’t understand the late decision to air the series on traditional television, with comments like “Is this just a relaunch of the old season one? Or season 2?” under the post. Another fan said, “This is the first season. Why say it’s premiering now [when] it was on last year?”

The best comment read, “I’m not watching any of Sheridan’s shows until he finishes Yellowstone. Join me.” but that seems more to do with Kevin Coster drama than the actual subject at hand.

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