Venom 2 and No Time To Die set pandemic box office records

Carnage in Venom 2

Box office records are being broken left and right in the US and UK right now. New James Bond movie No Time To Die has set a new benchmark for non-US earnings, while science fiction movie sequel Venom: Let There For Carnage is doing business within North America.

On the Bond front, the latest action movie in the franchise has garnered $114 million at the box office so far, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s from opening in 54 regions, not including China or the US. Britain and Ireland account for over $11 million of that, and it’s the first film to cross the $100 million mark during the pandemic without any revenue from China.

Meanwhile, Venom 2 is causing a stir in the United States, bringing in a cool $90.1 million, Variety reports. This is another pandemic record, and places the thriller movie on track to be one of the biggest movies of year, joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Shangi-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and other blockbusters. Venom 2 is already in a strong position before it opens globally mid-October.

Marking Daniel Craig’s departure as the face of the spy movie series, No Time To Die has been well-received by press and the general public alike. In her review for The Digital Fix, Emily Murray writes: “When we reach the finale [Craig] pulls out all the stops, delivering a fond farewell that makes the heart ache.”

No Time To Die opens in the US October 8, while British superhero fans can check out Venom 2 when it opens on October 15.

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Anthony McGlynn

Staff writer

Updated: Oct 04, 2021

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