Upload season 3 release date speculation, trailer, cast, plot and more

We already can't wait to see what happens to Nathan in the Amazon Prime series — so here's what we know about the Upload season 3 release date

Upload season 3 release date: Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown

What is the Upload season 3 release date? Amazon Studios has really been pushing its original TV series over the last few years, and one of its best offerings is Greg Daniels’ Upload. The comedy series stars Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown – a computer engineering graduate who has his consciousness transferred into a virtual afterlife when he dies.

The first two seasons look at the hijinks Nathan gets up to in his new reality – while also trying to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend in the real world. Upload graduates quickly from being a simple 30-minute comedy to looking at what the effects of a digital afterlife would have on our society and how an entire industry would spring out of it thanks to corporate greed, microtransactions, voting rights, and even cloning… It’s as if someone put Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and Michael Bay’s The Island in a blender.

But after two seasons, has Upload been renewed for season 3? What’s going to happen to Nathan’s clone body? Will Nathan’s mother upload her entire family into the Freeyond? Will customer service rep Nora and Nathan work as a couple? Here’s everything we know about the Upload season 3 release date.

Upload Season 3 Release Date speculation

As of December 2022, we don’t know the Upload season 3 release date, but it will likely be in the first quarter of 2023. In May 2022, the streaming service finally confirmed that the show is coming back for a third outing. Amazon’s head of global TV, Vernon Sanders, called the show a “bonafide hit” before confirming the news in a statement.

“The series continues to connect and provoke endless possibilities for the future of technology and humanity,” he said. “With Greg’s distinct comedic take along with the dynamic creative team and talented actors, they’ve made a globally relevant series which we’re all incredibly proud to bring back another season for our customers.”

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Since Amazon has only just confirmed that Upload season 3 is in the works, there isn’t a confirmed release date for the show just yet. But even if the cameras start rolling immediately, it probably isn’t going to arrive on the streamer until the first quarter of 2023 at the earliest. So there’s still going to be a while until we see Nathan again, but at least it’s on its way.

Greg Daniels also explained that he’s excited to get stuck in with the next series, saying “I’m thrilled to continue the story of Nathan and Nora and the other residents of Lakeview and near-future America as they try to have fun and do the right thing in both the real and virtual worlds.” It’ll be interesting to see what kind of comedic social commentary he’ll include in the next batch of episodes…

Upload season 3 release date: Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown and Allegra Edwards as Ingrid Kannerman


Upload Season 3 Plot speculation

Upload season 2 ends with a handful of plot twists, and it looks like (after)life is going to get much more complicated for Nathan in season 3. Nathan manages to download himself into a physical body grown by Ingrid, but he breaks up with her when he realises that she’s been lying to him about actually being in Lakeview, when she’s actually been using a “hug” suit.

Although in the final moments of the season 2 finale, Nathan starts to have a nosebleed in his new body. So it’s entirely possible that his body will die at some point in season 3, but this is where it’s going to get messy for everybody.

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Nathan finally made a move with Nora, and the two got together on the Los Angeles hyperloop… Naughty. But Ingrid is growing another Nathan clone so that she can have a baby with him, which is just all kinds of wrong.

But wait! There’s another Nathan! Tinsley the intern, downloads a backup copy of Nathan’s consciousness when she thinks he’s been deleted, so that means there could be three different versions of the plucky computer graduate in season 3. Yeah, because that’s not going to be complicated at all…

Upload season 3 release date: Andy Allo as Nora Antony and the cast of Upload

Upload Season 3 Cast speculation

It seems like most of the stars are coming back for the third trip to Lakeview and Freeyond. So yes, Robbie Amell is coming back as Nathan Brown.

However, it seems like he’ll be playing multiple versions of the computer engineering grad when Season 3 eventually arrives on our screens! He’ll be joined by Allegra Edwards as Nathan’s girlfriend, Ingrid Kannerman – and it’ll be interesting to see how their dynamic changes after that cliffhanger. Of course, Andy Allo is rounding out the complicated love triangle as Nora Antony.

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Kevin Bigley will also reprise his role as Luke, another digital soul at Lakeview – while Zainab Johnson is also coming back as Aleesha, Luke’s handler. Of course, it wouldn’t be Lakeview without the A.I. guy, and Owen Daniels will be back to play him again in season 3 alongside Josh Banday as Ivan.

It also seems likely that Mackenzie Cardwell will return to play the intern, Tinsley, since she’s the one to restore a backup version of Nathan’s mind in the season 2 finale. Jeanine Mason will also be joining the cast.

Amazon hasn’t announced if any other new cast members are joining Upload season 3, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the Lakeview news ahead of the next season.

Upload season 3 release date: Kevin Bigley as Luke and Robbie Amell as Nathan Brown

Where can I watch Upload season 3?

Upload season 3 will be available to stream on Amazon Prime. You can subscribe to Prime Video here and catch up on the last two seasons.

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