The Umbrella Academy season 3 release date, cast, trailer, and more

Umbrella Academy season 3 rlease date

The Umbrella Academy season 3 is nearly here. After fast becoming one of Netflix’s most popular original TV series following the first season in 2019 and the second that quickly followed in 2020, it’s no surprise that The Umbrella Academy got renewed for a third season. Like many TV shows since 2020, though, production was hit by the global pandemic, which delayed things just a little bit.

Based on the comic book series of the same name by Gerard Way (yes, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way) and illustrated by Gabriel Bá, the story follows a dysfunctional family of adopted siblings all brought together by their shared but still very much individual superpower abilities. Season 2 left us with so many unanswered questions that we’ve lost count. Who are The Sparrow Academy? What has Lila Pitts got planned next? What about the other 36 children born with superpowers that we’re yet to meet? We’ve watched as the Hargreeves family take on not one but two apocalypses, and season 2 gave us a cliffhanger ending (spoiler alert!) where the family emerged back in the present-day on an alternate timeline that threw their very existence into turmoil.

So, we’re clearly eager for season 3, but when is it coming? We’ve put together everything we know so far, from a new cast list to possible storylines based on episode titles to speculation around a release date and trailer. As always, we’ll keep this guide updated as and when we hear more, so be sure to check back.

When is The Umbrella Academy season 3 release date?

The Umbrella Academy season 3 was confirmed in November 2020, and that’s about the only date we can offer you right now, although we do have some exciting news from the set.

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Thanks to Elliot Page, aka Vanya Hargreeves, we know that filming commenced in February as he shared a shot from set captioned, “Omg, we’re back again.”

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And in fact, filming officially wrapped at the end of August as director Steve Blackman shared a video of the cast on set celebrating the end of production.

The crew will now head into post-production, which can take a fair few months, so it wouldn’t be wild of us to assume a release date in 2022.

How about The Umbrella Academy season 3 trailer?

Unsurprisingly, we don’t have one for you just yet, but we’ll be sure to update here as soon as we do.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 release date

What is The Umbrella Academy season 3 plot?

Season 2 saw The Umbrella Academy in Dallas, Texas, in the 1960s on another mission to prevent an apocalypse and return home safely. Of course, in true TUA fashion, it doesn’t quite go as smoothly as planned. We won’t go into all the details, but you might want to catch up if you’re reading this waiting for season 3.

The Umbrella Academy season 2 finale left viewers on a huge cliffhanger, which threatened the very existence of the Hargreeves family. An alternate timeline was uncovered where it’s not The Umbrella Academy at all, but The Sparrow Academy. this alternate team are led by not one shocking suddenly alive family member, Sir Reginald Hargreeves but two, with Ben Hargreeves alive and fronting the new team of academy members, who so far have remained in the shadows.

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That’s how it ended, but where will we pick up in season 3? Well, according to director Steve Blackman, season 3 episode 1 is titled ‘Meet the Family’, as he shared the front page of the script on Instagram.

This hints at the idea that we’ll pick up where we left off with an introduction to The Sparrow Academy members. And, as part of Netflix’s Geeked Week, a virtual fan fest for all things Netflix, the rest of season 3’s episode titles were also unveiled.

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A post shared by Steve Blackman (@steveblackmantv)

  • Ep 2: ‘World’s Biggest Ball of Twine’
  • Ep 3: ‘Pocket Full of Lightning’
  • Ep 4: ‘Kugelblitz’
  • Ep 5: ‘Kindest Cut’
  • Ep 6: ‘Marigold’
  • Ep 7: ‘Auf Wiedersehen’
  • Ep 8: ‘Wedding at the End of the World’
  • Ep 9: ‘Six Bells’
  • Ep 10: ‘Oblivion’

So, we know there are ten episodes, and we could have a guess at some of the themes based on the titles, a ceremony of love (Wedding at the End of the World), a foreboding sense of doom (Oblivion), and a black hole formed by radiation (Kugelblitz).

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All things we’ve come to know and love about The Umbrella Academy. And let’s not forget season 2 also saw the demise of The Handler and the escape of her adopted daughter Lila Pitts who was saved from her own untimely death. Whether we’ve really seen the end of those two, we’ll have to wait and see.

Who is The Umbrella Academy season 3 cast?

Fans will be pleased to hear of the return of most of the original cast:

  • Elliot Page as Vanya
  • Aidan Gallagher as Five
  • Robert Sheehan as Klaus
  • Emmy Raver-Lampman as Allison
  • David Catañeda as Diego
  • Tom Hopper as Luther
  • Colm Feore as Sir Reginald Hargreeves
  • Justin H Min as Ben

And Netflix also announced the cast of The Sparrow Academy, a big focus in season 3, on social media alongside their numbers:

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  • Justin Cornwell as Marcus (Jingle Jangle)
  • Britne Oldford as Fei (Free Guy)
  • Jake Epstein as Alphonso (Suits)
  • Genesis Rodriguez as Sloane (Man on a Ledge)
  • Cazzie David as Jayme (Eighty-Sixed)
  • Existential Dread Inducing Psykronium Cube as Christopher (Netflix’s list didn’t include a voice actor for this one and simply gave it this terrifying name instead)

The Sparrow Academy are all rumoured to be similar in nature to the original The Umbrella Academy members, but with slight time-altered differences. Whether Pogo (Adam Godley) and Grace (Jordan Claire Robbins) exist in this alternate timeline is yet to be confirmed.

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Showrunner Steve Blackman shared a very short video on Instagram which appears to show Cazzie David aka Jayme levitating into the air. Perhaps a small hint at what’s to come for Jayme and her powers.

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Finally, Ritu Arya aka Lila Pitts posted the above image for season 3 saying: “We back. UA3.” So, it looks like we can assume we’ll see the return of Lila too.

That’s all we’ve got for now but make sure to check back regularly for any The Umbrella Academy season 3 updates. In the meantime why not check out our guides on other upcoming TV shows Stranger Things season 3 and The Witcher season 2

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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

The Umbrella Academy
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