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Elliot Page’s Umbrella Academy character to come out as trans

Elliot Page has confirmed that his character in the Netflix Series The Umbrella Academy will come out as trans in season 3 of the show

Elliot Page’s Umbrella Academy character to come out as trans

The hit Netflix series The Umbrella Academy has confirmed that it will address Elliot Page’s transition in its upcoming third season. The welcomed update was shared by none other than the main star himself as he took to social media to reveal a sneak peek at the TV series‘ next chapter, with his now renamed character Viktor front and centre.

Based on the Dark Horse comic of the same name by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, and comic book artist Gabriel Bá, Umbrella Academy tells the story of a family of former child heroes who must reunite and save the world. Before coming out as transgender, Elliot Page’s character on the show was Vanya Hargreeves, who can convert sound waves into physical force and went by female-identifying pronouns. The series has now made the correct step by incorporating Page’s transition into the series, introducing the character as a transgender man now going by Viktor.

Page posted a still of the upcoming season to Instagram and Twitter, showing his character sitting at a bar. Along with the teaser picture of season 3, the star included the caption: “Meet Viktor Hargreeves.”

You can see Page’s original posts below:

The image and caption were both retweeted by Netflix, so it is pretty safe to say that Viktor will come out as transgender, just like the actor who plays him, early in the new season.

Page’s character isn’t the only exciting development coming up in The Umbrella Academy season 3. Following the events of season 2, where the gang went back to the ’60s and brought about a new timeline, The Sparrow Academy has seemingly taken over their place in the present day – and well, let’s just say they don’t seem like the friendliest bunch.

We’ll all see how the gang will react to their new rivals once the next season hits our small screens. Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is scheduled to drop exclusively on streaming service Netflix come June 22.