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Is Titanic streaming? How to watch the James Cameron movie

If you want to revisit a Hollywood classic then check out our guide on how you can watch James Cameron remastered romance movie Titanic online now.

Rose and Jack from Titanic

How to watch Titanic? In 1997 the world of cinema collided with a pop-culture iceberg and has never been the same since. We’re talking about James Cameron’s romantic epic, Titanic.

It’s hard to explain quite what a phenomenon the James Cameron movie was. The romance movie dominated the Oscars, winning 11 awards — meaning it ties with Ben-Hur for the most Oscars won by a single film — and spent 15 consecutive weeks at the top of the US box office.

Titanic was the first film to cross $1 billion at the worldwide box office and remains to this date the fifth highest-grossing movie of all time (Avatar 2 recently bumped it down from fourth). But trust us, decades later, it is still worth a rewatch. Here’s how you can watch Titanic from the comfort of your own home now.

Where can I watch Titanic?

You can watch Titanic on a number of streaming services and through physical media like DVDs. The good news is that the film has also been remastered, so you are in for a treat!

As mentioned above, this new version has been completely remastered, and it is available to watch in 4K HDR. Basically, it’s the cleanest and crispest the film’s ever looked. So you won’t want to miss it.

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Is Titanic streaming?

Yes! The good news is that Titanic is on multiple streaming services. Fans can watch the film for free via certain subscriptions such as Disney Plus. Or they can also go via the VOD option and rent or buy the flick via platforms such as Amazon.

Basically, there are plenty of viewing options; all you need to do is decide which service you prefer.

Is Titanic on Netflix?

Titanic isn’t on Netflix (sorry, folks). And unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be added to the streaming giant anytime soon.

As we all know, Cameron is pretty close with Disney since Avatar 2 (read our Avatar 2 review here for another banger). Since Disney Plus and Netflix are direct competitors in the streaming wars, it seems unlikely that the latter will get its hands on any James Cameron distribution rights.

Is Titanic on Disney Plus?

Good news, romance lovers, Titanic is on Disney Plus. Fans can now head over to the House of Mouses platform and watch the flick as part of their subscriptions.

Along with Titanic, fans will have access to more of Cameron’s films, such as the two hit science fiction movies Avatar and Avatar 2.

Is Titanic on Prime Video?

Titanic is available to watch via Prime Video. And there is more than one option on how to enjoy the hit movie too.

Readers can watch the film for free via a Prime membership (click our link here to start your 30-day free trial), or they can choose to buy and rent the film.

Is Titanic on Blu-ray?

Since Titanic came out in the ’90s and is one of the best movies ever made, it makes sense that it is out on Blu-ray.

Physical copies of Titanic are out and ready for media collectors to pick up. So, be sure to grab yourself a copy and expand your home movie collection, friends.

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