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How did [SPOILER] die in The Meg 2?

If you want to know about why Li Bingbing isn't in the new shark movie, you've come to the right place. Here's our theories on how Suyin died in The Meg 2.

How did Suyin die in The Meg 2 Li Bingbing in The Meg

How did Li Bingbing’s Suyin die in The Meg 2: The Trench? This article contains minor spoilers for The Meg 2.

If you’re a fan of Megalodons, you’re probably extremely excited for the arrival of The Meg 2. Continuing on the trend established in the first movie, The Meg 2 sees Jason Statham return to the water to face a new threat: more Megs. The Meg 2 cast sees some familiar faces return, and also brings in plenty of new characters too, keeping things feeling fresh.

You can check out our full thoughts on the new movie in our The Meg 2 review. But, if you just want to know more about the absence of Li Bingbing and her character Suyin, here’s our guide to everything we know about the death of Suyin in The Meg 2: The Trench.

How did Suyin die in The Meg 2?

Suyin died at some point in the five years between the end of The Meg the beginning of The Meg 2, however the cause of her death is never explained in the new movie. That won’t stop us from speculating, though, and it’s likely that Suyin died while on another aquatic research mission.

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Her job as a marine biologist is a dangerous one, especially in the aftermath of the first movie which saw the introduction of numerous terrifying prehistoric creatures to the ocean at large. Given this, and Suyin’s proven track record for taking risks, it seems like she may have met her end while stuck in a deep submarine, potentially captured and crushed by one of those giant squids.

Or, this could all be set-up for a big twist, and when The Meg 3 release date comes we could find that Suyin is, actually, still very much alive. Either way, the death of Suyin brings new dynamics to The Meg 2 placing Statham’s Jonas in a father figure role, and allowing for the introduction of her brother Jiuming Zhang.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know on the topic right now. If you want more from The Meg, check out our picks for the best shark movies ever made, and the best movies of all time.

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