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How many episodes are in The Great season 3?

Here's what we know about the number of episodes in The Great season 3, which landed on Hulu in May. Beware, there's plenty of drama, romance, and comedy ahead.

How many episodes are in The Great season 3 - Elle Fanning in the great

How many episodes are in The Great season 3? Here’s everything we know about how many hours of the new series you’ll have to savour.

The Great season 3 release date has arrived, and the entire season of one of the best drama series around is now available to watch on streaming service Hulu (if you’re in the UK: sorry, you’ve got to wait until July). It’s yet another dramatic outing for The Great cast of characters, and as the trailers promised there’s more backstabbing, more deception, and more romance. What else do you want? But how many episodes are in The Great season 3? 

How many episodes are in The Great season 3?

The Great season 3 has ten episodes. This is the same as the previous two seasons, keeping things nice and consistent.

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And, here’s the good news: if you’re in the US you can watch all ten episodes right now because they all dropped at once on streaming service Hulu on May 12, 2023. How exciting.

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