The Great season 3 release date speculation, cast, plot, and more

Elle Fanning's Catherine the Great has caught the world's attention - here's everything we know about The Great season 3 release date

The Great season 3 release date

When is The Great season 3 release date? The acclaimed ‘anti–historical’ TV series loosely based on the life of Catherine the Great, the longest-reigning female ruler in Russian history, has managed to capture the hearts of romance and drama fans since 2020. Telling “an almost entirely untrue story,” through its two seasons, we’ve laughed, cried, and have been left gripping the edges of our seats thanks to the show’s multiple cliffhangers.

From double-crossing and court tension to full-on civil war in the golden palace, The Great is stuffed with addictive drama. So, needless to say, fans are anxious about word on next chapter of the drama series. Luckily, The Great season 3 has already been confirmed. That’s right; it’s time to put on your powdered wigs because Elle Fanning is coming back as Catherine, with Nicholas Hoult by her side as Peter III. However, you may be wondering what exactly these royals plan to do in the next instalment of the hit show? Or you may be thinking, when and where can you actually see it for yourself?

Well, The Digital Fix is here to help. We’ve gathered the juicy gossip from the court of Catherine and are ready to spill all the details. So here’s everything we know about The Great season 3 release date, plot, cast, trailer, and more.

The Great season 3 release date speculation

As of January 2023, we don’t know The Great season 3 release date. The good news is that The Great season 3 is officially on its way. Hulu announced in January 2022 that the series had been renewed, and the new season will consist of ten episodes, huzzah! A celebratory post on Twitter confirmed the news.

Season 1 of The Great debuted on May 15, 2020, and thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, season 2 only hit our small screens on November 19, 2021. It stands to reason that the gap between season 2 and season 3 won’t be as long this time around since lockdowns are no longer in effect (fingers crossed).

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Keeping in mind a realistic production schedule with the pandemic no longer causing any severe delays, The Great season 3 will probably come out sometime in late 2022 at the earliest. We will be sure to keep you posted as soon as we know more.

The Great season 3 release date: court ladies

The Great season 3 cast speculation

It will shock absolutely no one to know that all the leading members of the royal court will be back for The Great season 3. Elle Fanning is definitely coming back to play the titular Queen Catherine, as is Nicholas Hoult, for the part of her irresponsible husband, Peter.

Along with the leading couple, their close confidants and advisors will also all be making a return since most are alive and (despite a few being imprisoned ) are un-exiled… at least for now.

Here’s who’s likely to be in The Great season 3 cast:

  • Elle Fanning (Catherine the Great)
  • Nicholas Hoult (Peter II of Russia)
  • Phoebe Fox (as Marial)
  • Sacha Dhawan (as Count Orlo)
  • Belinda Bromilow (as Aunt Elizabeth)
  • Adam Godley (as Archie)
  • Gwilym Lee (as Grigor)
  • Charity Wakefield (as Georgina)
  • Douglas Hodge (as General Velementov)
  • Bayo Gbadamosi (as Arkady)
  • Florence Keith-Roach (as Tatyana)

It is also likely that we will see the familiar faces of Dustin Demri-Burns as Voltaire, as Catherine will undoubtedly still seek his opinions in her efforts to form a new way of order besides violence.

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Jason Isaacs could also appear as the ghost of Peter’s father again, Peter the Great, as Catharine’s husband is still grappling with becoming a better person and letting go of his claim to the throne.

However, none of these has been confirmed just yet. Make sure to bookmark this guide as updates start filtering in.

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The Great Season 3 Trailer speculation

Bad news, Catherine fans, currently there isn’t a The Great season 3 trailer. Since filming hasn’t kicked off yet, and there is no footage for a promotional clip for the upcoming season, I am afraid we are still out in the cold on this one.

However, we will keep you posted as soon as the Emmy-nominated show releases its next teaser.

The Great season 3 release date: Catherine and Peter toasting

The Great season 3 Plot speculation

The Great season 3 plot is unknown right now, but thanks to crew statements and the cliffhanger ending of season 2, we can paint a pretty clear picture about what our favourite monarch will be up to in the future.

At the end of season 2, we saw plenty of murder, tears, and complicated relationships reach their climax. In a spectacular finale, Catherine’s diplomatic solutions lead to her killing the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and being put under extreme pressure to kill her dethroned husband, Peter.

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Similarly, Peter was in a sticky situation of his own in the ongoing battle for the throne. The imprisoned king had to choose between his survival or his heart as his close friends, and the slippery ex-king of Sweden explained how he must kill Catherine to live peacefully. So yeah, it looks like the husband and wife duo are in another civil war of sorts. However, this time they both have invested feelings and affection for one another; it’s all very spicy, isn’t it?

The final episode of season 2 concluded with Catherine deciding to solidify her rule once and for all by stabbing Peter in the back while crying. However, it turns out that she killed a lookalike instead of her actual husband (oops). Seeing her remorse, Peter came out to comfort her; however, both were left in the awkward situation of realising that despite loving each other, they wanted to kill one another too.

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Season 3 will probably see the two trying to work out a solution where they both can live, with Peter also continuing to prove that he is a changed man who loves his wife and son, Paul. You know, instead of the power-crazed monster that we all saw in season 1 who almost drowned Catharine.

The Great season 3 release date: Nicholas Hoult as Peter drinking tea

Tony McNamara, the creator of the series, commented on the future of the show to Entertainment Weekly: “We end the [second] season with everyone in a very, very different place. I guess the third season is very much about the court and about the next level of leadership for Catherine and Peter deciding what sort of guy he’s ultimately going to be.”

Along with Peter and Catherine’s future dramas, we will likely see the fate of her best friend Marial play out. The Queen imprisoned Marial after she exposed Peter for sleeping with and then accidentally killing Catherine’s mother, Joanna. How will the two make up now that Catherine is unquestionably in love with Peter? Only time will tell.

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Archie, the archbishop with a tendency for debauchery, is also still struggling with finding his faith, and thanks to Catherine’s actions with the Sultan, war is likely to escalate too. In short, there is plenty of content, juicy drama, and tension that The Great season 3 can get through, so much in fact that it looks like every one of its ten episodes will be jam-packed.

Whatever the new plot of the upcoming season may be, we also know that it won’t be the end of Catherine’s story. Executive producer Marian Macgowan told Decider in 2020 that at least three more seasons are on the table following this upcoming entry. “We initially pitched six seasons,” she explained. “So we believe there’s sufficient material to take us through until [Catherine] is an old woman.”

The Great season 3 release date: Catherine and a dog outside in the snow

Where can I watch The Great season 3?

The Great season 3 is expected to drop on the streaming service Hulu – just as past seasons have – in the US. UK viewers will be able to stream The Great season 3 through Starzplay, which can be accessed through Prime Video. If you want to sign up for a Prime membership or experience a 30-day free trial of Amazon’s services, click our link here.

And that’s all, folks! Everything we know about The Great season 3. For more historical fun and romantic stories, here are our guides to Bridgerton season 3 and Shadow and Bone season 2.