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50 Cent joining The Expendables was a disaster thanks to one stunt

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson is now part of The Expendables franchise, but we know at least one person who probably wishes the rapper wasn't in the action movie.

Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson as Easy Day in The Expendables 4

Joining the world of The Expendables is certainly an achievement, of sorts, for any aspiring actor. Whether it marks the start, or the end of a career, is up for debate, but when 50 Cent joined the crew, he was probably pretty excited. We know one person who will have rued the day the rapper stepped onto the production, though, after it was revealed a poor stunt performer was clattered on set by Curtis Jackson.

We wish we could say that The Expendables franchise has produced some of the best action movies, but sadly, it just hasn’t. In fact, with The Expendables 4 release date now here, we regret to inform you that we may have found the worst movie of the year. In Anthony McGlynn’s The Expendables 4 review, it is suggested that this new movie should probably be the last in the franchise.

We bet that’s the opinion of the stunt performer who was on the receiving end of a 50 Cent collision which resulted in a dislocated finger. Stunt coordinator, Alan Ng, told PopCulture all about it.

Ng said: “We played to the fact that Megan [Fox] has a strong dance background. Megan’s style is very agile, flexible, and fast. Whereas, 50 Cent is very powerful and strong, so he’s like a tank.

“He was actually so strong that in one of the scenes, he was supposed to barge into a stunt performer and his strength resulted in the guy going flying and dislocated his finger. The guy and his finger are ok now of course.”

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Ouch! I suppose being a stunt performer, you have to accept that sometimes injuries will occur. Doesn’t make it any less painful, though.

50 Cent joined The Expendables 4 cast as Easy Day, and it remains to be seen whether he will be invited back for another run. We’re not sure if The Expendables 4 will be the last one, but given the reviews, we wouldn’t be surprised if they canned the franchise now.

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