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Before The Conjuring, the Nun made jumpscare history in this movie

Bonnie Aarons is a horror icon, thanks to being the demon nun in The Conjuring universe. But she also is the most memorable part of David Lynch's best movie.

The Nun in The Conjuring universe

Actors are lucky if they get one or two iconic roles during their careers, but if you’re typecast as horror movie villains, ghosts, or monsters – you may end up having many more. A recent example is Javier Botet, who plays the new Dracula in The Last Voyage of the Demeter, having cropped up in many of the best horror movies of the last 15 years. Another example is Bonnie Aarons, who plays The Nun in The Conjuring universe. And she has cropped up in several memorable roles over the years – and the most legendary was in one of David Lynch‘s best movies.

Bonnie Aarons will soon be seen reprising her ‘demon nun’ character for a fourth time once The Nun 2 release date is upon us (after previously playing the role in The Conjuring II, Annabelle: Creation and The Nun). She also appeared in Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell, as well as recent horror movies Jakob’s Wife, Frank, and I Live Alone (all from 2021).

But it may be surprising to learn that she has forayed into other movie genres – such as the teen movies The Princess Diaries – yes, really.

But Bonnie Aaron’s most memorable role comes in David Lynch’s 2001 masterpiece Mulholland Drive, and it’s probably not surprising that she features in the thriller movie‘s scariest scene. In the scene, a character called Dan (Patrick Fischler) describes a nightmare he had about the diner he’s currently in. He says that there’s a man out back and “he’s the one whose doing it” – he’s the one making Dan so afraid. He says; “I hope I never see that face outside of the dream.”

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Dan takes the other man out to the back of the diner and a ‘hobo’ or ‘bum’ as he’s described in the credits jumps out from behind a dumpster. Dan is so afraid that he collapses in a faint. The scene only lasts for a few minutes, and seems unconnected to anything else that happens in the movie, but Fischler’s performance really sells the visceral fear of the moment.

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