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What is the goat in The Nun 2?

If you're looking for an explanation about the goat from The Nun 2, here's what you need to know about that creature from the new The Conjuring movie.

Taissa Farmiga and Storm Reid, and Black Philip in The Nun 2

What is the goat in The Nun 2? Not a fan of The Conjuring movies? Baaaaah humbug. They’re scary, they’re all connected in some way or another, they’re occasionally terrible, and they often feature demons posing as something else, what’s not to like?

To that last point, The Nun 2 is another The Conjuring movie with a strange creature that may not be what it seems. And, hey, we’re used to seeing goats in the genre — some of the best horror movies, like The Witch, use them to represent Satan, and it’s not typically a flattering depiction.

But what’s going on with animals in the latest of The Conjuring movies in order, and why is one of The Nun 2 cast members furry? Read on for the goat in The Nun 2 explained. Spoilers ahead.

What is the Goat in The Nun 2?

The goat is part of a window mosaic in a creepy chapel in The Nun 2 that later comes to life and seems to be the devil.

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There’s an abandoned chapel near the school that young Sophie finds herself in through no fault of her own. She’s teased by the other kids and told a story about how if she turns away from the goat on the window, it’ll come to life and haunt her. Just girls being girls.

After a creepy moment where the sun shines through lighting, the goat’s eyes up in red, and she gets out. Later, the goat is missing from the window. It has come to life, and looks to be the devil! The movie doesn’t go into a lot of detail with this demonic goat, and while the characters certainly seem to think the evil goat man running around might be the devil, we do know that entities in this universe can project different images of themselves. Remember, Valak isn’t actually a woman of the cloth.

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