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How to watch The Boys: Diabolical – when can you stream Amazon’s animated series?

Prime Video is gearing up to release the animated TV series to The Boys, The Boys: Diabolical. Here is how and when you can stream the new series.

How to watch The Boys: Diabolical - when can you stream Amazon's animated series?

How can you watch The Boys: Diabolical? No one can deny that anticipation is sky-high for Prime Video‘s latest superhero story. An anthology animated series that expands on the violent, and genetically-enhanced world of the wildly popular TV series, The Boys, Amazon’s upcoming show promises to be a bizarre and colourful treat.

Animated by Titmouse, the studio behind cartoons like Amazon’s new Critical Role series The Legend of Vox Machina, the R-rated show has a star-studded cast and crew attached to its name – giving fans plenty to get excited about. Co-produced by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Garth Ennis (the creator of The Boys comic), and starring the likes of Karl Urban (Thor: Ragnarok), Jack Quaid (Scream 5), and Aisha Tyler (Archer) The Boys: Diabolical is expected to be a feel-good home run.

However, you may be wondering about the exact details around Prime Video’s upcoming animated series. When is it out? Or where can you stream this super-powered spin-off? Well, fear not, The Digital Fix has gathered all the info that you need to know about how to watch The Boys: Diabolical.

When can I watch The Boys: Diabolical?

It’s time to grab your capes and get ready for some animated fun because Prime Video‘s new animated series is racing to our small screens. The Boys: Diabolical will release on Prime Video on March 4, 2022. Like all big Prime releases, the show will go live on the streaming service at midnight GMT.

There is also good news for all of our readers who prefer to binge-watch shows – The Boys: Diabolical will release all eight of its episodes at once. Episodes will run for 15 mins each, so if you aren’t a fan of a packed weekend of TV viewing, fear not; the short episodes are easy to digest too.

Can I stream The Boys: Diabolical?

Yes! In fact, if you want to watch The Boys: Diabolical at all, streaming is the only way you can. The animated series is a Prime Exclusive release – meaning that you can’t watch it anywhere besides through Amazon’s services. So yeah, it’s time to start renewing all your subscriptions.

However, not all hope is lost if you aren’t an Amazon fan. The Boys, the live-action TV series on which The Boys: Diabolical was based, was available to watch via certain VOD services following its initial release. The first season was available for purchase in the US through VUDU, while in the UK, superhero fans could buy the season on Google Play.

But, there is no guarantee that The Boys: Diabolical will follow The Boys’ distribution model. So your best bet is still tuning in to Prime Video to stream the series. If you aren’t a Prime member yet, don’t worry The Digital Fix has got you covered. You can sign-up to a 30-day free trial by clicking our link here.

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