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Tetris movie release date, plot, cast, and more

Starring Taron Egerton, the Tetris movie release date is right on the horizon and the video game movie might not quite be what audiences expected.

Tetris movie release date: Taron Egerton in Tetris

What is the Tetris movie release date, and what else do we know about the new Taron Egerton movie? Announced back in 2020, we’ve all been waiting for more news about the Tetris movie.

The new movie, which stars Taron Egerton in the lead, is set to be a stylish drama movie giving audiences the hair-raising backstory behind the development of the Tetris videogame. No, that isn’t a joke: it really does look very exciting, and our Tetris review goes into more detail on what to expect.

Since it was first revealed, there have been far more questions about the Tetris movie than answers. With the Tetris movie release date now right on the horizon, we’re here to change that with our guide to everything you need to know about the upcoming thriller movie.

Tetris movie release date

The Tetris movie release date is March 31, 2023, meaning the movie is now out. It made its debut on streaming service Apple TV Plus, so you’ll need to fire up that subscription if you want to watch the Tetris movie. Because it is an Apple TV Plus original, it will not be available on any other streaming platforms.

Tetris movie release date: Taron Egerton in Tetris

What is the Tetris movie plot?

The Tetris movie explores the creation of the Tetris videogame, against the backdrop of geo-political turmoil and the collapse of the Soviet Union. That means the Tetris movie is based on a true story, and will especially be focussing on Henk Rogers (Taron Egerton) as he tries to solve a licensing dispute which could see Tetris sold alongside Nintendo’s Game Boy.

Henk has to travel to Moscow and meet the game’s creator, balancing commitments to his family and huge financial risks along the way. However, he has competition as the sinister Maxwell family also aims to nab the rights to the game.

In other words, the Tetris movie plot is about the background to the release of Tetris, and the influences that led to its success. Along the way, there’s laughs, car chases, and amazing ’80s anthems. Anyone who loves the game will be interested in that, surely.

Tetris movie release date: Taron Egerton in Tetris

Who is in the Tetris movie cast?

The Tetris movie cast is led by Taron Egerton as Henk Rogers. Alongside him will be stars like Ben Miles (who you’ll recognise from the Andor cast) as well Toby Jones in the role of Robert Stein.

The Tetris movie cast includes:

  • Taron Egerton as Henk Rogers
  • Toby Jones as Robert Stein
  • Ben Miles as Howard Lincoln
  • Matthew Marsh as Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Nikita Yefremov as Alexey Pajitnov
  • Roger Allam as Robert Maxwell
  • Anthony Boyle as Kevin Maxwell
  • Togo Igawa as Hiroshi Yamauchi
  • Ken Yamamura as Minoru Arakawa
  • Rick Yune as Larry

Tetris movie release date: Taron Egerton in Tetris

Tetris movie trailer

There is a Tetris movie trailer, which gives a look at the plot and tone of the movie, which looks far more like some kind of political thriller than a video game movie. Given that it’s actually a movie based on a true story, though, perhaps that’s no surprise. Check it out for yourself below.

YouTube Thumbnail

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