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Succession director made 2000s comedy you’ve totally forgotten about

Mark Mylod brought some of the best Succession episodes to screens, but he directed this 2000s comedy movie before one of the best TV series ever came along.

Succession director Mark Mylod once worked on a famous 2000s comedy movie

Mark Mylod is now known as one of the main Succession directors, responsible for helming some of the most important episodes of the best TV series in years – including the pivotal Succession series finale. But he hasn’t always been the master of peak TV.

In fact, before Mylod directed 16 episodes of Succession and half a dozen Game of Thrones installments, he was known for working on the best comedy series and the best comedy movies back in the UK.

Mylod’s directorial debut on the big screen was the 2002 movie Ali G Indahouse, in which Sacha Baron Cohen brought his clueless rapper character into a feature-length movie.

It’s fair to say the movie, which also starred Martin Freeman in one of his strangest ever performances (see video below for a taste), wasn’t a critical darling. Indeed, its Rotten Tomatoes approval score currently sits at a middling 56% – way below the more acclaimed movies Cohen would go on to make.

However, for a certain generation of teenagers, Ali G’s raucous journey into the world of politics – featuring Charles Dance in a genuinely remarkable villain role – was one of the best movies of the era. It’s certainly among the silliest.

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Mylod worked extensively in the world of comedy, directing episodes of the sitcom Shameless on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as working on Entourage, and directing the 2011 rom-com What’s Your Number.

His new movies have since taken an uptick into classiness, with his razor-sharp 2022 satire The Menu attracting awards attention after its cinema run.

Mylod’s next steps will be fascinating, with Succession season 4 episode 10 marking the end of the Roy clan’s journey. He will certainly be in-demand in Hollywood. But perhaps he’ll zig instead of zag and make Ali G Indahouse 2 instead? Wicked, wicked.

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