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Stranger Things season 5 just got a very enticing update

Stranger Things season 5 just added an exciting name to the filmmakers behind the scenes, as the Netflix scenes gradually comes together for the climax.

Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things season 4

The production of Stranger Things has gotten increasingly secretive over the years, but we finally have a big update on the next chapter. Dan Trachtenberg, acclaimed director, has joined the fifth season of Stranger Things, making one of the best Netflix series even better.

We’re eagerly anticipating the Stranger Things season 5 release date, and Netflix revealed that Trachtenberg will be handling direction for one episode. It’s a welcome piece of news as we’ve not heard much about what’s going to happen, but then, since season 5 will be the climax, perhaps it’s better that way.

Nothing’s moving on Stranger Things right now due to the 2023 Writers Strike, where the Writers Guild of America is protesting for fair compensation from studios for their work. Many new movies and TV series have been impacted, and we hope studios and producers acquiesce to the fair demands of the guild soon.

At this point, Trachtenberg’s become one of the best directors in Hollywood for genre. He helmed last year’s Predator movie Prey, an absolute return for form for the franchise, and directed the excellent 10 Cloverfield Lane as well.

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In terms of sci-fi series, he directed the pilot for The Boys as well. As fine a choice as could be made for Hawkins. Sadly, this might be one of the few updates we get on Stranger Things for some time, as the Duffer Brothers keep everything on the down low until it’s time for a trailer.

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