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Stranger Things creators have ideas for Netflix spin-offs

Stranger Things creators Ross and Matt Duffer have revealed that they already have some ideas for potential Netflix spin-off series

Eleven and the gang from Stranger Things walking towards a fire

The hit Netflix sci-fi series, Stranger Things is scheduled to end after its recently confirmed fifth season. However, the story of Hawkins may not be over just yet. In a recent interview with SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar), Stranger Things creators Ross and Matt Duffer opened up on how they already have some ideas for potential spin-offs for the streaming service.

The Stranger Things season 4 release date is currently scheduled for May 27, 2022. However, although the new season isn’t out yet, Netflix has already renewed the TV series for its fifth and final season. But, even with the upcoming well of episodes heading our way, it turns out that things may be drawing to a close in the upside-down too soon – sparking the need for more Stranger Things content. “Even with five, it’s going to feel like it’s ending a little early,” Matt explained.

“We’re going to feel like we still have a lot more gas left in the tank. But I think that it’s better to end there with us wanting more. That’s why ending at five felt like the right move,” Matt continued. “We haven’t told anyone our plans! Not even Netflix! We have some ideas.”

“In terms of if we were to do any sort of a spin-off, or any continuation of Stranger Things, for us, the bar was always, ‘Is the idea exciting enough that we feel the pull of wanting to do it again?'” He said. “I want to feel the pull of, ‘God, I really want to do this. I feel really, really excited about this.’ So that’s why we’re being careful about what that is and whether we move forward with it or not.”

Although the two creators didn’t give much away in terms of these secretive spin-off ideas, they did tease that what they are currently working on will feel like a breath of fresh air in the IP – a fact that will excite long-time fans of the series.

“The key for us is that it needs to feel like its own distinct thing, not that we’re just retreading what we’ve already done, because what would be the point of that?” Ross added. “I do think we have something that could be pretty exciting. So we’ll see…”

Stranger Things season 4 is set to release in two parts exclusively on Netflix. For more sci-fi adventures, here are our guides to The Mandalorian season 3 and Rick and Morty season 6.