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Matthew Vaughn has plans for Star Wars that only an “idiot” would try

We are all full of ideas for how we think Star Wars movies should go, but Matthew Vaughn has admitted he would be foolish to make his plans a reality.

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars A New Hope

If you’re anything like me, you’ve wiled away endless hours daydreaming about your own versions of Star Wars and what you would do with the incredible characters George Lucas created. It seems Matthew Vaughn has done the same, but the director knows his ideas are a little bit risky.

Let’s be honest, there is at least one entry in the Star Wars timeline that you just can’t get on board with. For me, watching the Star Wars movies in order ends with The Last Jedi, because I refuse to let The Rise of Skywalker ruin my fun.

Still, I wouldn’t suggest something as crazy as rebooting the whole franchise to start over again. But, Matthew Vaughn would. The filmmaker, known for his work on Kick-Ass and The Kingsman, has admitted he would love to play around with Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo right from the beginning again.

In a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Vaughn discussed the idea of tackling a project in the Star Wars series and revealed his controversial plans.

When asked what he would do given the chance, Vaugh said: “To play with the characters I loved. So if they said to me we’ll… reboot Star Wars and actually have Luke Skywalker, Solo, and Vader and you do your version of it – everyone would say you’re an idiot to try – but that would excite me.”

Fair play – at least Vaughn recognizes the fact that his approach would be sacrilegious. Of course, he is talking hypothetically, and there will always be the temptation to get your hands on that original Star Wars cast and shape the franchise in your own image. But what if you break it all?

Just look what happened when LucasFilm and Disney tried to ‘fix’ the damage done by The Last Jedi. In attempting to appease the negative section of the fan base, The Rise of Skywalker ultimately ended up being full of misplaced nods to the legacy of the Skywalker Saga, executed with all the subtlety and grace of a bantha piloting an X-Wing.

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What Rian Johnson did with The Last Jedi, in deconstructing our heroes and showing us that anyone can be special regardless of their surname, was such an important step for the franchise. It taught us to let go of our notions of what we want something (or someone) to be, and to accept that things don’t always play out the way we hoped. What The Rise of Skywalker did, and by the sounds of it, what Vaughn would like to do, is the equivalent of running around with your Star Wars action figures and pretending Luke Skywalker is your best friend.

Rant over! Anyway, I’m sure the new Star Wars movies won’t do anything to make me annoyed, right? To keep myself feeling positive, I’d like to direct you to our guides on the Andor season 2 release date and The Acolyte release date, both of which should be awesome. Or, you could leave Star Wars behind entirely, and think about new movies like The Marvels instead.