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Star Wars dodged big mistake by spurning popular horror movie director

While Star Wars has produced some of the best science fiction movies of all time, the franchise has also made mistakes. Thankfully, this one was avoided.

Michael Myers, Ghostface, and Freddy Krueger, set against a Star Wars background

Star Wars has given us so many amazing movies and moments, but the franchise is not without its flaws. Thankfully, the powers that be avoided what could have been a huge mistake, when they decided not work with a very popular horror filmmaker.

If there’s one thing Star Wars is lacking, it’s some good old fashioned horror. Watching the Star Wars movies in order is a lot of fun, and many of the entries are among the best science fiction movies ever made. However, even the best Star Wars villains have rarely shown the ruthlessness and brutality we would expect from top brass in the Galactic Empire.

In fact, the ancient battle between the Jedi and the Sith could be improved massively if we saw the best Star Wars characters taking some inspiration from the best slasher movies around. So, is it time for a Star Wars horror movie? Well, that’s a great idea in theory, but in practice, we’re not entirely sure.

In an appearance on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, it was revealed that David Gordon Green has had conversations with the bosses of Star Wars in the past, but nothing came to fruition. And to be honest, we’re kinda glad.

Green is the man behind the recent reboot of the Halloween series, and also helmed the new movie in The Exorcist franchise. Judging by our The Exorcist Believer review, you’ll quickly realize why Green getting his hands on stories from a galaxy far, far away would not be a good thing.

On the situation regarding his potential involvement with Star Wars, Green said: “I’ve met with some folks there, but there’s never been a project or an idea. Those kinds of meetings are fun because I do know a lot about, at least the old Star Wars movies. The reality is, again, the mechanism might look at me too skeptically.

“Like anything, there are executives who want to know who’s out there and what they’re thinking: ‘He’s dusted off a Halloween franchise or he’s working on an Exorcist franchise, I wonder if he’s got something creative to bring to the table.’ My impulses are always pretty eccentric.”

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Thinking about what he could bring to the new Star Wars movies, Green added: “I would be very curious, too, [to see] where that would go.” Sadly, we just don’t think Green would be the right fit to tell a fresh story with the Star Wars cast. The filmmaker has some fun ideas at times, but the execution of his work leaves a lot to be desired.

If we are going to bring the best horror movie vibes to the Star Wars series, we’d love to see someone like Jordan Peele or Robert Eggers given the keys to the Millennium Falcon. That far off fantasy will have to wait a while, we reckon, but we have information on how to watch the Halloween movies in order for now, or a look ahead at The Acolyte release date to keep you occupied. And, speaking of slashers, why not get excited about Deadpool 3 to see who the Merc with a Mouth will be cutting up into pieces along with his pal Wolverine.