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Sorry, Star Wars Andor season 2 “likely” isn’t coming next year

If you were hoping to see the Star Wars spin-off series Andor season 2 in 2024, you'll probably end up being disappointed by this news.


Sorry to disappoint, but we might be getting Andor season 2 a little later than planned. At Star Wars Celebration, the hit series’ sophomore season was announced as having an August 2024 release window. But now it looks like that will no longer be the case.

In a new UK press release previewing their 2024 content, Disney Plus announced that there were two Star Wars shows on the way: The Acolyte, “a mystery-thriller that will take viewers into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark-side powers in the final days of the High Republic era,” and Star Wars: Skeleton Crew which “tells the story of four kids who find themselves lost in the vastness of the galaxy trying to find their way home.”

Compared to 2023’s output, Lucasfilm releases seem significantly scaled back next year. This year alone, five different Star Wars series were released: The Bad Batch season 2, The Mandalorian season 3, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, Star Wars: Visions volume 2, and Ashoka.

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But inside sources have reportedly told Gizmodo that Andor is “likely” to be moved to 2025. Unsurprisingly, this seems to be a knock-on effect from the 2023 Writers Strike and Actors Strike, with Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy being among those on the picket line.

While we’d love to see Andor next year, the truth of the matter is that you can’t rush perfection. And we’re happy to wait a little longer for the Andor season 2 release date if it ends up as good as season 1. For more on the galaxy far far away, check out our guides to the best Star Wars characters, the Star Wars cast, best Star Wars villains, how to watch all the Star Wars movies in order and all the new Star Wars movies.