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Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date speculation, cast, and news

Admiral Janeway and her new alien buddies are heading back now that Netflix has saved Star Trek Prodigy season 2. Here's what we know about the return.

The Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date is coming on Netflix

It has been a rough ride for fans of the animated series Star Trek Prodigy. The first season aired without a hitch in 2021 and even won a Children’s and Family Emmy, only for Paramount Plus to pull the plug and cast the Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date into doubt. Fittingly for this heroic franchise, a rescue ship flew by at the last possible minute and now we’ll get to see more.

There’s a different corner of the Star Trek franchise on show here, with a misfit group of alien Star Trek characters taking control of an abandoned Starfleet vessel – the USS Protostar. Eventually, they crossed paths with one of our favorite Star Trek captains: Kathryn Janeway. Now fully-fledged heroes, they’re off on a new mission away from their self-destructing ship. Here’s what we know.

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date speculation

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 will be on Netflix in 2024, but they haven’t given us a specific date just yet.

Nothing ever seems to be easy when it comes to the tangled web of the Star Trek timeline and that has proven true for one of the best animated series too. Prodigy’s second season was due to arrive in late 2023 on Paramount Plus, but the streamer pulled the plug and canceled the show.

Executive producer Aaron Waltke was quick to confirm on Twitter that he and the rest of the team were committed to moving forward with more episodes, confident the show would find a new home.

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date - Aaron Waltke tweet

Netflix came to the rescue in October 2023, picking up the distribution rights. The streamer will add season one to its catalog before the end of 2023 and, in 2024, Star Trek Prodigy season 2 will join the ranks of the best Netflix series.

We haven’t had any firm details on when exactly we’ll get to see the show, but we expect that it’s either finished or very close to being complete.

The show was heading for a late 2023 release before its cancelation and production work continued throughout the search for a new distribution deal. So we’d have our money on Star Trek Prodigy season 2 arriving in the first quarter of 2024.

The only possible spanner in the works is the ongoing 2023 Actors Strike, which has been running since July 2023 and would prevent SAG-AFTRA union members from carrying out voice work. So the release date for Prodigy depends on how much recording took place before the strikes and how quickly the dispute is resolved.

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date - Janeway is back

Who’s in the Star Trek Prodigy season 2 cast?

The main crew of the USS Protostar is back with the same voice actors – though Ella Purnell’s Gwyn is unlikely to return for now – alongside Kate Mulgrew as legendary Star Trek character Admiral Janeway. 

We saw Gwyn head off on her own mission at the end of Star Trek Prodigy season 1, which means Purnell won’t be in the cast for season 2, as far as we know. However, her buddies are all returning, so Dal, Rok-Tak, Zero, Jankom Pog, and Murf will be back, and they’re now working for Starfleet.

Of course, Kate Mulgrew is still the voice of Janeway, and she’s joined by another member of the Star Trek Voyager cast this time around: Robert Picardo as The Doctor (nope, not the one with the time machine).

Sibling showrunners Dan and Kevin Hageman have teased even more legacy characters in the second season, so prepare yourself for familiar faces and voices.

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date - cast

Confirmed Star Trek Prodigy season 2 cast list:

  • Kate Mulgrew as Admiral Kathryn Janeway
  • Brett Gray as Dal
  • Rylee Alazraqui as Rok-Tak
  • Angus Imrie as Zero
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Jankom Pog
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Murf
  • Robert Picardo as The Doctor

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date - The Doctor

What will happen in Star Trek Prodigy season 2?

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 will follow the former Protostar team as warrant officers under Janeway’s command on the USS Voyager-A, investigating a possibly dangerous wormhole.

Crucially, the wormhole the team is tasked with analyzing is the one they created when they self-destructed the Protostar at the end of the first season.

The wormhole means there are now two different versions of Solum, which is Gwyn’s homeworld and her destination at the end of the first season. One of those versions is peaceful, while the other has been ravaged by civil war.

Timeline shenanigans look likely to be a big part of Prodigy season 2, which means things are about to get complicated. Star Trek has always done a terrific job of making huge sci-fi concepts palatable for the broadest possible audience, so we have faith that season 2 can pull this off.

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date - Janeway

Is there a Star Trek Prodigy season 2 trailer?

There is a first-look teaser clip for Star Trek Prodigy season 2, in which the former crew of the USS Protostar heads off for a new mission aboard the USS Voyager-A.

That teaser is available exclusively via the official Star Trek website, providing a first glimpse at what we can expect when the show finally returns to its new home on one of the best streaming services.

If you can’t wait for the show to be back on your screens – or you missed the first season altogether and need a taster – you can watch a whole episode of the show for free on YouTube. What a treat!

YouTube Thumbnail

How to watch Star Trek Prodigy season 2

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 has moved from Paramount Plus to Netflix.

The majority of the Star Trek movies and Star Trek series are available on Paramount Plus, which is the official home of the franchise. However, after the platform axed Prodigy, Netflix picked up the mantle.

You’ll be able to relive the first season by the end of 2023 and Star Trek Prodigy season 2 will be exclusively new on Netflix in 2024.

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 release date - Aliens

How many episodes will be in Star Trek Prodigy season 2?

Star Trek Prodigy season 2 will run for 20 episodes, just like we got in season one.

However, it’s not yet clear whether Netflix will follow the previous release model of unveiling the show in two chunks of 10 episodes. We’ve seen the streamer use this strategy for the likes of The Witcher and Stranger Things, but we don’t yet know for sure.

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