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Who is Worf’s handler in Star Trek Picard season 3?

Worf and Raffi are conducting an investigation in Star Trek Picard season 3 and uncovering some big reveals, so here's what we know about Worf's handler.

Worf in Star Trek picard: who is worf's handler

Who is Worf’s handler in Star Trek Picard season 3? This article contains minor spoilers for Star Trek Picard.

After making his return in Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 2, Worf’s adventures with Raffi have continued in the latest episode, Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 3. He was revealed to be her handler and seems to be working under the watch of Starfleet intelligence himself, too, on the hunt for the stolen tech from Daystrom.

But Worf isn’t in charge of the whole investigation, and he has his own handler. Intriguingly their voice and identity are hidden as well, so it’s likely that Worf’s handler is someone we know from the past. But who could Worf’s handler be in Star Trek Picard season 3?

Who could Worf’s handler be in Star Trek Picard season 3?

  • Tuvok
  • Bashir
  • Lore
  • Garak
  • Sela
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Tuvok is one of the best Star Trek characters in Voyager, as the chief security and tactical officer. He also has plenty of experience in more underhanded, sneaky missions, and he infiltrated the Maquis on a covert intelligence mission at the very start of Voyager. Tuvok also played a key role in the investigation into Captain Freeman on Lower Decks.

So Tuvok is no stranger to the kind of mission that Raffi and Worf are on, and it would be no surprise to see him running their investigation on behalf of Starfleet intelligence. Bring back Tuvok, you cowards!

Who is worf's handler in Star Trek Picard season 3: Bashir

Julian Bashir

Doctor Julian Bashir has strong connections with Section 31, so it’s not too hard to imagine that he ended up becoming involved in Starfleet Intelligence and is now helping Worf and Raffi on their hunt. His incredible intellect, and experience, could mean that he’s a vital part in helping to uncover whatever mysterious plan is unfolding.

The two Star Trek characters have a history as well, which could be part of the reason why the identity of Worf’s handler is being hidden from him. More DS9 callbacks seem likely, too, and this all makes it reasonably likely that Worf’s handler could be Bashir.

Who is worf's handler in Star Trek Picard season 3: Lore


We know that Lore, Data’s brother, is showing up in Star Trek Picard season 3 because we’ve seen it revealed in the trailers. Could he be Worf’s handler, then, with Starfleet having recruited him to make use of his android superiority?

Maybe? But the way the investigation is unfolding doesn’t make it seem like an android is running it. And, what we know of Lore would suggest that he’d be organising this all a bit more… efficiently?

Who is worf's handler in Star Trek Picard season 3: Garak


A simple tailor, Garak is also an ex-member of the Obsidian Order of Cardassian intelligence and a keen and canny tactician. It would make perfect sense if he had been recruited by Starfleet to run an investigation into Changeling infiltration, given his close ties with Odo and his experience in the Dominion war.

Who is worf's handler in Star Trek Picard season 3:


This one is, admittedly, a completely left-field shout. However, Sela is exactly the kind of unexpected cameo that shows like Star Trek Picard love, and we’ve seen from season 3 that the writers enjoy deep cuts (and it has already referenced Yesterday’s Enterprise with Rachel Garrett and the Red Lady).

The last time we saw Sela (who, if you need reminding, is the half-Romulan daughter of the Yesterday’s Enterprise alternate timeline version of Tasha Yar), she was working with the Romulans in ‘Redemption’. Her story has never been continued, but could we find that she’s had a change of heart and now wants to follow in the footsteps of her mother and help Starfleet? Maybe, maybe not.

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