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Star Trek Picard’s Jeri Ryan reacts to that shocking major death

Star Trek Picard's penultimate season 3 episode left us reeling, and Jeri Ryan who plays Seven of Nine has some thoughts on that shocking death.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in Star Trek Picard

Paramount Plussci-fi series Star Trek Picard has paved the way for what we hope will be a striking finale. As noted in our Star Trek season 3 episode 9 recap, the penultimate chapter has set quite the stage.

Spoilers ahead. Among the cast of characters is Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine, who is now officially a Star Trek captain in command of the USS Titan.

It came at a serious cost, however, and Ryan has shared some thoughts following the shocking death of Todd Stashwick’s Captain Shaw.

The Voyager and Picard actor told Cinema Blend, “of course it was [emotional]. I loved working with Todd as an actor and as a friend and from day one, I said [Shaw] was my favourite character. I loved him.”

Ryan continued, reflecting on Stashwick’s performance as the Star Trek character. “I loved the way he played him. I loved the way he was written. I just thought he was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. So, yeah. That was a very emotional scene for all of us to shoot for a lot of reasons.”

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