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Is Sisu streaming? How to watch the new action movie

Sisu is the new movie pitting a prospector against Nazis, and it's an absolute action-packed treat. So is it streaming on Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime Video.

Is Sisu streaming?

Is Sisu streaming? Lapland isn’t just for Christmas, as we find out in the new action movie Sisu. The story pits a Finnish gold prospector against a Nazi death squad during World War Two, and it’s a blood-soaked treat of a thriller.

The director behind Sisu, and all this chaos, is Jalmari Helander, who you might well know as the man who made one of the best Christmas movies ever with Rare Exports. Helander then made the Samuel L. Jackson movie Big Game. He’s now returned to his native Finnish language for a new addition to the canon of the best war movies. As we say in our Sisu review, it’s brilliant.

So if you’re excited by all that and want to know how to watch Sisu, then we have definitely got you covered. We’ve taken a look at the best streaming services to see where the new movie is available, now that its time in cinemas is over.

Where can I watch Sisu?

Now that its theatrical run is finished, Sisu is available to watch on VOD through Amazon Prime Video, as well as other online rental services like Google Play and YouTube movies.

So, if you want to relive the carnage or just catch one of the year’s best action movies of 2023 for the first time, now’s your chance.

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Is Sisu streaming?

Sisu isn’t on streaming services just yet via subscription.

However, it is on Apple TV Plus and Amazon Prime Video through their VOD service if you want to rent the movie.

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Is Sisu on Netflix?

Sisu is not on Netflix yet, but as the movie falls under Sony international distribution we would expect Sisu to arrive on the service at some point in the near future. Sony has a deal with Netflix which sees most new movies land arrive on the streamer at some point after their theatrical run.

Is Sisu on Disney Plus?

No, Sisu is not on Disney Plus. And, as the movie was not made by Disney or one of the companies it owns, it’s unlikely that Sisu will show up on Disney Plus in the near future.

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Is Sisu on Prime Video?

Sisu is now available on Prime Video, but only through rental on VOD. This means you’ll have to depart with a decent amount of cash to watch the film (but if you ask us, it’s worth it).

Is Sisu on Blu-ray?

Sisu is available to buy on Blu-ray right now, which means you can own a physical copy of the thriller movie to rewatch over, and over, and over again in beautiful 4K.

How to watch Sisu, the new action movie

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