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Scream 6 directors have no regrets about this controversial death

The Scream movies had shown little desire to kill off the original Scream cast, but last year's Scream 5 bucked that trend in true slasher movie style.

The Scream cast is thinned out in every new movie thanks to Ghostface and his penchant for murder

Another Scream movie in cinemas means a new Ghostface and a Scream cast packed with potential victims for the slasher movie icon to kill off in brutal fashion with a variety of very pointy knives.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett took over directorial duties on the horror movie franchise with Scream 5 in 2022, and they immediately divided fans with a big decision – the death of legacy character Dewey Riley, as played by David Arquette.

However the Scream 5 ending turned out, it was the gore-drenched farewell to Dewey that people were talking about afterwards. One year on, Courteney Cox as TV reporter and questionable true crime author Gale Weathers is the only original Scream star standing, as Sidney is not in Scream 6.

The directors have reflected on Dewey’s death in an interview with Total Film and said they “don’t think we’d ever walk back that choice” and bring the character back in a future Scream 7.

Gillett said: “I think you have to watch your heroes die in order to create room for new stories and to watch how that affects the characters. I think that Gale’s story in this one is really deep and significant because of that loss, and certainly Sam and Tara and Mindy and Chad, they’re also all dealing with Dewey’s loss as part of this greater, traumatic experience that they had in the last movie.

“So I think as long as those deaths inform character in a way that is meaningful and significant, then it’s worth breaking those eggs, as hard as it is.”

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