How to watch the Scream movies in order

Whether you're trying to perfect your horror movie binge or just get up to date before watching Scream 6, here's how to watch the Scream movies in order.

How to watch the Scream movies in order: Drew Barrymore as Casey in Scream

How do you watch the Scream movies in order? Ghostface has been in our lives from day one. Ever since we first encountered the ghoulish killer in the original 1996 Scream film, we’ve become obsessed with the franchise that keeps bringing him back for more bloody fun.

And now, with the fast-approaching Scream 6 release date, it makes sense to get our facts straight and learn the best way to binge each instalment of the horror movie franchise. After all, there’s been a lot of iterations of the slasher, and even more victims that have met their end at the hands of this iconic horror movie villain.

If you’re looking to get up to date with the legendary thriller movie series, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to watch the Scream movies in order. And don’t worry, we won’t make you answer a round of horror movie based quiz questions.

How to watch the Scream movies in order:

  • Scream (1996)
  • Scream 2 (1997)
  • Scream 3 (2000)
  • Scream 4 (2011)
  • Scream (2022)
  • Scream VI (2023)

How to watch the Scream movies in order: Drew Barrymore as Casey in Scream 1

Scream (1996)

The original 1996 movie changed the game when it came to horror as an art form. Incorporating classic slasher tropes and meddling them with the style and dialogue of a teen flick, Scream achieved its ultimate goal: to satirize the horror movie genre, while also solidifying itself within its ranks.

We all know the opening scene: Drew Barrymore, Hollywood legend, gets murdered on-screen surprisingly early à la Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. From then on, all bets are off.

The 1996 version also introduced us to a bevvy of characters that would go on to become as integral to the legacy of the series as Ghostface himself. Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers, and Dewey Riley all became recurring characters and came to encounter the masked killer again and again as time went on.

How to watch the Scream movies in order: Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox as Sidney and Gale in Scream 2

Scream 2 (1997)

With every Scream film that passes, they find a way to make another comment on the forever changing genre. In the highly-anticipated sequel, things begin to get a little meta.

Taking place two years after the original film, Sidney is now at college, where a copycat killer dressed in the Ghostface garb stalks her and her friends yet again. A significant chunk of the plot revolves around references to a fictional horror film called Stab, which is based on the events of the Woodsboro killings.

Outrageous murders, stronger comedy movie tropes, and further in-movie references to the genre, including a tongue-in-cheek classroom scene in which the ethics of fictional violence and the success of sequels are discussed (wink, wink).

How to watch the Scream movies in order: Courteney Cox as Gale in Scream 3

Scream 3 (2000)

If you thought the franchise was already meta enough, then you’ve got another thing coming with Scream 3. Now, the gang are hanging in the storied streets of Hollywood, where the third Stab movie is being filmed. But we guess the new killer doesn’t exactly like trilogies, since they start to kill off the cast one by one.

If you like in-jokes and layered references, Scream 3 is the place to go. Gale Weathers coaching the actress playing her, full-on Woodsboro sets built for the purpose of recreations…Courteney Cox’s iconic fringe! It might not be the most artfully crafted film of the bunch, but it certainly packs a punch. (Or a stab.)

How to watch the Scream movies in order: Hayden Panettiere as Kirby in Scream 4

Scream 4 (2011)

Released a lengthy 11 years after the third instalment, Scream 4 came onto the scene with the aim of rebooting the franchise with a slicker look, hotter teens, and a clever utilisation of more movie-savvy characters. (That still doesn’t stop them from being plucked off one by one, though.)

At this point, things might start to get a bit convoluted. Still referencing the fictional Stab movies, this film walks the fine line between sticking to what it knows, and twisting it all up. The thesis of this film can be summed up aptly by one character, who declares: “The unexpected is the new cliché.”

Scream 4 also introduces the concept of modern tech, having Ghostface document his murders via video camera, bringing this old villain into the new age.

How to watch the Scream movies in order: Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox as Sidney and Gale in Scream 5

Scream (2022)

Another day, another gang of kids getting terrorised by the hooded serial killer. Only this time, the gang is mostly fresh, with Gen Z teens leading the movie and rolling their eyes at the legacy references while dubbing their own turn as a ‘requel’.

The classic trio of Sidney, Gale, and Dewey return as part of the Scream cast, only this time they are older, wiser, and perhaps not as quick on the mark as they once were when it comes to outwitting Ghostface. And though Billy Loomis is brought back into the fold in some capacity via the sequels, this version is perhaps the most refreshing and surprising.

The kills in 2022’s Scream are memorable and innovative, including one scene that stretches out the tension and expectation so far, it makes you want to…well, scream.

How to watch the Scream movies in order: Ghostface in Scream 6

Scream VI (2023)

Now you’re up to date, and ready to enjoy all the grisly fun that Scream 6 is ready to throw at us. Only this time, instead of stalking a sleepy residential town, Ghostface is partying it up in the big city, following the ‘core four’ from Scream 5 into New York.

While the trailer for the new movie caused something of a stir with Ghostface brandishing a shotgun, it undoubtedly serves as a promise: this ain’t your mama’s Ghostface. No, this time, he’s back and as unpredictable as ever. Although Sidney Prescott won’t be in Scream 6, we’ll still be seeing a few familiar faces popping up around the Big Apple.

And in the city, no-one can hear you scream.

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So, there you have it! All the Scream movies in order, ready for your viewing pleasure. But remember, before you settle in for your scary movie marathon, lock the doors, turn on the lights…and never pick up a ringing phone.

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