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Saw X trailer goes big on Tobin Bell, blood, and DIY brain surgery

It seems bizarre that we've made it all the way to Saw 10, but we now have a Saw X trailer and it's packed with Jigsaw's beloved, blood-soaked booby traps.

The Saw X trailer brings plenty of horror movie carnage

Look, you know exactly what to expect from a movie like Saw X. We’ve seen enough of the Saw franchise by now to know the formula as well as John Kramer himself. We’ve watched the Saw movies in order a few too many times, and some of them are among the best horror movies of the 21st century.

With that in mind, we’ve been very excited for the Saw X release date ever since it was announced. Tobin Bell is back in the fold as Kramer, aka the Jigsaw Killer, for more murderous booby traps. Yes, we know they killed off the character 17 years ago. No, we don’t care about that.

We now have our first Saw X trailer and, put simply, it’s a blood-soaked delight. Returning writers Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger and veteran Saw director Kevin Greutert – he made Saw VI and Saw 3D – aren’t playing around when it comes to the gore.

This will definitely be among the bloodiest new movies we see in 2023, with Kramer setting up a deadly game in the wake of falling victim to a medical scam that leaves his cancer untreated.

It won’t surprise anybody to know that the perpetrators of the scheme find themselves in Kramer’s clutches. One of them, the trailer tells us, has to drill into his own skull to collect “a big enough piece of your cerebral tissue”. Nothing says “Saw is back” like do-it-yourself brain surgery.

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And among all of the bloodshed, we’re treated to the return of Shawnee Smith as Jigsaw’s apprentice Amanda. That’s a real bonus for fans of the franchise to enjoy.

Look, we know that Saw is historically a mixed bag. There are some gems in there – we have a real soft spot for Greutert’s surprisingly political Saw VI – as well as some of the worst movies the horror genre has to offer. But this one is ticking a lot of boxes already, in blood of course.

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