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Saw star shoots down rumours of return in upcoming horror movie

We know that Tobin Bell's Jigsaw is returning for new 2023 movie Saw X, but one of the franchise's other most famous actors will not be back.


Saw is returning this year with a tenth entry entitled Saw X, and is claiming back its traditional Halloween movie release date. Nine of the ten Saw movies have all been released a few days before Halloween, with 2021’s Spiral starring Chris Rock being the only outlier. The big news is that Tobin Bell is returning to his infamous role as one of the best movie villains – John Kramer AKA Jigsaw. But one actor definitely not returning is Cary Elwes.

Elwes starred in the very first Saw movie almost 20 years ago, way back in 2004. He popped up again in 2010’s Saw 3D, which was directed by Kevin Greutert, who is also helming Saw X. However, when asked recently by ScreenRant about the franchise, Elwes says it’s very much behind him.

“I have no comment one way or the other about that franchise, I really can’t speak to it. I’m happy for for the filmmakers that they continue to make money, and that it seems to be a financial bonus for them, I really can’t speak to it, because I’m not really involved anymore.”

One of Jigsaw’s apprentices, Shawnee Smith’s Amanda Young (who was last seen in 2009’s Saw VI), will be back for Saw X. It’s not yet clear where in the Saw timeline the new movie falls, it could of course be a prequel, or slot in somewhere between other movies in the franchise.

Saw has been a successful, but controversial, horror movie franchise since its beginnings. It has faced accusations of ‘torture porn,’ due to the extreme violence and gore depicted in its various traps and games.

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