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Peaky Blinders movie release date speculation, cast, and more news

In the name of the great Cillian Murphy, we have gathered all the information about the upcoming Peaky Blinders movie release date, cast list, plot, and more.

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What is the Peaky Blinders movie release date? The hugely successful BBC drama series Peaky Blinders has developed an incredible cult following since its premiere way back in 2013. Fans have been desperate for a movie adaptation to continue the story, and it seems the big screen is the only path left for the Shelby clan.

Peaky Blinders has been one of the best TV series of the past decade, led by Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby. He plays the leader of the titular gang who run the streets of Birmingham in the aftermath of World War I. The show, which plays on Netflix in the US, has seen an unbelievable array of talent added to the Peaky Blinders cast over the years, and people just can’t get enough of the flat-cap family.

So, when can we expect the Peaky Blinders movie release date to be? We know the story of the Shelby clan will indeed be getting the silver screen treatment after the Peaky Blinders season 6 ending, but when will it happen, and who will be part of the cast?

Peaky Blinders movie release date speculation

Steven Knight has confirmed that he plans to start shooting the movie in 2023, which means that the release date for the Peaky Blinders movie could come as soon as late 2024. That’s all in ideal world, but the reality is probably going to be a bit more complicated.

First, Knight is currently in the middle of filming two different drama series, so it’s understandable that he’s a little busy for now. Then, we have the Hollywood strikes which will continue until fair agreements can be reached.

Adding to that, Steven Knight is now confirmed to be working on the script for one of the new Star Wars movies. That makes him a very busy man, and puts the Peaky Blinders movie release date in a degree of doubt.

Peaky Blinders movie release date: Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders

What will happen in the Peaky Blinders movie?

The Peaky Blinders movie will be set in Birmingham, and will “probably be the end of the road for Peaky Blinders as we know it.” What that likely means is that Tommy Shelby’s journey will come to a proper conclusion once and for all. 

This was explained by Knight when he was speaking at a panel at the BFI Film Festival in 2021, and we know from other interviews that the new movie could touch on World War II.

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Just how deep into the territory of World War II the story goes, we’re not sure at the moment. We would expect the Peaky Blinders movie to take place somewhere between the mid-30s and the early-40s, with Knight explaining to Metro that he wants to tell a “very specific story” from wartime.

Judging by real-world events, too, we anticipate Oswald Mosely will play a big part in the Peaky Blinders movie, with the ongoing tensions between him and Shelby likely to form the basis of the plot.

Peaky Blinders movie release date: Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders

Who will be in the Peaky Blinders movie cast?

Cillian Murphy will undoubtedly be back to lead the Peaky Blinders cast as Tommy Shelby, though nothing’s officially been confirmed just yet.

If our assumptions are correct, and Oswald Mosely does indeed have a part to play in the rest of the Peaky Blinders timeline, that would mean Sam Claflin is in line to reprise his role as the character.

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Daryl McCormack, meanwhile, hasn’t heard anything about whether he’ll be asked to play Isaiah Jesus again. He told Radio Times that he’s “yet to hear any news”.

To predict who else will join the cast would be nothing more than wild speculation. In an interview with The Guardian, Knight claimed huge names like Brad Pitt and even Snoop Dogg had approached him to get a role in Peaky Blinders, so you never know who could show up next.

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Where can I watch the Peaky Blinders movie

If it ever sees the light of day, the Peaky Blinders movie will likely release in cinemas before landing on Netflix in the US. Peaky Blinders has a huge fanbase across the world, so there’s lots of box office potential.

That’s all we’ve got on the Peaky Blinders movie for now. Once the project gets moving, we’ll be able to learn a lot more. Until then, keep up to date with Cillian Murphy’s new movie Oppenheimer. We have an Oppenheimer review, and you can find out why Lewis Strauss hated Oppenheimer and what Oppenheimer said to Einstein.

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