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Today’s an important day for one of the best Nicolas Cage movies

This has always been one of our most beloved Nicolas Cage movies, so we're pleased that today we can give the action movie all the attention it deserves.

Nicolas Cage as Cameron Poe in Con Air

Nicolas Cage never stops. Seriously. It seems like every year we’re blessed with increasingly insane projects, from self-referential meta comedies to thriller movies based around a quest to retrieve his beloved truffle pig, there’s plenty of Nicolas Cage to go around.

But when it comes to the best Nicolas Cage movies, that’s a tricky title to pin down. Most of the time, he can be found in sprawling action movies that set fire to our blood, and it can be hard to pick between the most incredible. That said, it’s this TDF writer’s humble opinion that it all boils down to one pick: Con Air.

This 1997 movie has everything. The best movie villains with comic book-style names. Gorgeously creative deaths. Explosions with a 1000% impact rate. In short, it’s genius. And what luck, because today (July 14), is a very special day in the Con Air canon, meaning we can take the time to celebrate this glorious flick.

Make no mistake, despite the A-list dominated cast list including John Cusack, John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi and (TDF favorite) Colm Meaney, this is a Nicolas Cage movie. Without his delightfully bad hillbilly boy accent, flowing wig strands, and ‘90s movie action hero sensibilities, this movie would not have stood the test of time as much as it has.

In case you need reminding, Con Air is the story of Cameron Poe (Cage), a war hero who does to prison after accidentally murdering a man (by literally punching his nose into his brain, mind you) and who winds up hitching a ride home after serving his time on a plane designed to transport the most dangerous and sadistic criminals.

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Obviously, things get completely chaotic from there when the convicts take over the plane. Incredible antics swiftly follow. But fans will remember that July 14 is the day Cameron Poe is released from prison. (Also, incidentally, Casey’s birthday.)

That means that the events of one of the most unbelievably enjoyable action films ever made takes place on this very day, so if there’s ever bean a reason to celebrate, it’s now. So break out the fine china, chill the lemonade, and tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree, because we’re watching Con Air today.

Con Air letter

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