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An underrated Michael Keaton movie is climbing the Netflix chart

Academy Award winner Michael Keaton is probably known best for his role as Batman in the DC movies, but one of his more underrated films is a hit on Netflix.

michael keaton in the found

One of Michael Keaton‘s most underrated roles is finally getting its dues on Netflix. And no, we’re not talking about anything DCU related. Although the former Batman actor is well-acquainted with superhero movies — he played Spider-Man villain Vulture for the MCU and recently returned as Batman in The Flash — he’s definitely the bad guy in The Founder.

The drama movie, which is currently fourth in Netflix UK’s top ten, stars Keaton as Ray Croc: the ruthless businessman credited with the rapid expansion of McDonald’s: although this came at the cost of pushing out the fast food restaurants’ original founders,  Richard and Maurice McDonald.

This movie based on a true story, which was directed by John Lee Hancock, co-stars Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch as Richard and Maurice respectively.

It was released with little fanfare in 2016, but performed well critically, with an average of 80% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. And when it came to Keaton himself, reviewers made it clear that it was his performance that made the film what it was.

Rex Reed of Observer Entertainment said Keaton’s “magnetic” performance made the film a must-watch, while The Independent‘s Geoffrey McNab noted that Keaton’s “barnstorming performance” is “as crazed and desperate in its way as his Oscar-nominated turn in Birdman.” Similarly, Donald Clark at The Irish Times praised Keaton for bringing “a Faustian undercurrent” to his performance.

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Evidently, Keaton brought his A-game to this unlikely film — and as the business founder cinematic universe hots up, there’s never been a better time to watch The Founder.

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