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Jason Statham’s summer thriller is an unlikely winter hit on Netflix

It might be deathly cold outside right now, but Netflix subscribers have been flocking to a much sunnier Jason Statham movie this month.

Jason Statham has an unlikely winter hit on Netflix with The Meg

You can’t go wrong with a Jason Statham movie. If you want growling one-liners and the in-fight grace of a ballet dancer, he’s your man. But given how cold it is in the northern hemisphere right now, it’s something of a surprise that the most archetypal summer movie of his career is wowing millions of Netflix subscribers.

Netflix viewers have spent the last week flocking to The Meg – Statham’s 2018 thriller about scientists who unwittingly discover an enormous and very deadly prehistoric shark living in the Mariana Trench. It’s one of the best shark movies of the last decade and has now spawned a franchise, so we’re counting down to The Meg 3 release date.

The Meg came in at number eight on this week’s Netflix Top 10, ahead of one of the buzziest new movies of the year: May December. It seems like, as the weather is cooling outside, people are seeking some sunshine from the best streaming services.

We have a lot of love for The Meg here at The Digital Fix. It’s Statham at his finest, along with a very well-realized CGI ocean monster. The sequel wasn’t quite as good, as we wrote in our Meg 2 review, but the first is right up there with the best movies of Statham’s career. It’s a tongue-in-cheek delight.

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But perhaps The Meg is an outlier in terms of the best Netflix movies for this winter. The rest of the chart is dominated by some of the best Christmas movies available to stream, including Family Switch and Best Christmas Ever, as well as the decidedly chilly thriller The Silencing, starring Game of Thrones cast member Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Whatever the weather, people can’t get enough of The Meg. But we’re not sure they’d feel the same if they delved into The Meg true story. It certainly shook us up to see the truth behind one of the best thriller movies we’ve seen in years.

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