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One of the best Jake Gyllenhaal movies is now streaming on Netflix

Jake Gyllenhaal has made some great films, and one of the best war movies he's been involved in has been added to the Netflix library for subscribers to watch.

Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead

One of the finest turns of Jake Gyllenhaal‘s incredible career has become available on Netflix. Jarhead, one of the best war movies of the 2000s, can now be streaming for any Netflix subscribers based in the US, and trust us, it’s worth a watch.

Coming out in 2005, Jarhead follows Anthony ‘Swoff’ Swofford, a member of the Marine Corps who struggles to handle the daily regiment. Gradually, he excels at sniping and makes friends, and his unit is deployed during the Gulf War. We see him and his compatriots endure the highs and lows of conflict before eventually coming home and the PTSD afterward.

Gyllenhaal plays Swofford, and James Bond movie director Sam Mendes made the film. There are some gorgeous shots among all the harrowing battle scenes, making Jarhead a memorable drama movie.

The film is based on Swoff’s memoir, covering his time from enrolling in early adulthood into middle-age when he became a veteran. Gyllenhaal demonstrates his knack for humanizing characters very well.

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As we mentioned, only American Netflix users have access to Jarhead right now. UK subscribers can find similar Netflix movies like Extraction 2, a recent hit, and Black Hawk Down, directed by Ridley Scott. While quite different, they should give you the same thrill and entertainment.

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