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Zack Snyder is working on Army of the Dead sequel

Another Snyder zombie outbreak is on its way

It’s time to lock your doors and prepare for some undead hordes, because the sequel to Zack Snyder’s 2021 zombie movie, Army of the Dead, is currently in development. According to The Hollywood Reporter, as part of the first look deal that Snyder signed with the streaming service Netflix earlier this year, the director is scheduled to expand his zombie universe, pleasing horror movie fans and undead enthusiasts alike.

Currently, Netflix seems to be on a Zack Snyder and zombie kick. After the large amount of buzz surrounding Army of the Dead earlier this year, the company announced a prequel film, Army of Thieves, and an animated TV series titled Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. Snyder’s original movie centred around a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, causing the city to be closed off from the rest of the world. However, the flesh-eating residents aren’t enough to deter a group of gun-thieves who are hired to commit a heist in the zombified city.

The original movie ended on a cliffhanger, seeing one of the characters suffering from a zombie bite while outside the enclosed area. Although it seems Snyder was hinting towards a potential sequel from the get-go, we now have a firm confirmation that one is on its way. The next instalment in the Army universe is officially in the works, with Shy Hatten returning to co-write the upcoming action movie.

However, it seems like we will be waiting a while before we get a chance to see more undead outbreaks hit our Netflix accounts. Although the sequel is in early development, Snyder has made it clear that the upcoming science fiction movie he is currently making with Netflix, Rebel Moon, holds most of his current attention.

No release date or plot teasers have been disclosed. But we can assume that we will find out more relatively soon, as Snyder’s deal reportedly only lasts for the next two years. Stay tuned for updates.

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