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Netflix just added your favorite childhood movies, so we’re kids again

There's nothing like a bit of 2000s nostalgia, and Netflix has brought up some really formative childhood memories by bringing this trilogy to streaming.

Netflix adds Spy Kids: Spy Kids and The Goonies

It’s difficult to work out what to watch on Netflix. After all, the streamer adds dozens of original movies and TV series every year, as well as masses of archive material from the biggest studios in Hollywood. You can try to keep up with all of it, but it just isn’t possible.

Often, we find ourselves choosing comfort viewing when we’re browsing Netflix. And one of the best streaming services around just made that a whole lot easier by adding three of the best family movies of the 2000s in the shape of Robert Rodriguez’s Spy Kids trilogy. That’s our weekend sorted.

With the greatest respect to all of the best TV series and new movies available to Netflix subscribers, we’re very ready indeed to delve back into the nostalgia of the best 2000s movies and experience the first three Spy Kids movies all over again.

In case you’ve been living under a rock since the Y2K scare, the broad strokes of the Spy Kids franchise are these. In the first movie, Daryl Sabara and Alexa Vega play the children of two super-spies, who find themselves descending into their parents’ world when the adult spies are taken captive by Alan Cumming’s malevolent children’s TV host.

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Subsequent movies saw the Organization of Super Spies open up a specific division for child agents. Rodriguez reimagined the series himself this year with Spy Kids: Armageddon, which was an original Netflix film. Now the earliest days of the franchise have joined it, so you’re getting plenty of Spy Kids for the Netflix price.

For more on the franchise, find out why we weren’t keen on the idea of a Spy Kids reboot and learn why we’re calling for Hollywood to bring back camp 2000s movies. Of course, noughties nostalgia is at its peak while we count down the days until the Chicken Run 2 release date.

And if you’re after more of the best movies for families, look ahead to The Marvels and Avatar 3. The treats just keep on coming!