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Who does Kiba marry in Naruto?

In Naruto, Kiba was no one's favorite character but that doesn't mean the Inuzuka clan member doesn't deserve love. Here's who the dog-loving ninja marries.

Kiba and his girllfriedn in Naruto

Who does Kiba marry in Naruto? For most of its run, Naruto was an anime about ninjas throwing fistfuls of lightning at each other, criminals plotting world domination, and trees (The trees become pretty important by the end of the anime).

Still, once Naruto had dealt with that pesky Madara Uchiha and the other Akatsuki members, the series started to focus on want the fans really wanted, shipping. We’re not here to talk about whether it was right for Naruto to marry Hinata or if Sasuke deserved Sakura. We’re here to talk about no one’s favorite Naruto character Kiba Inuzuka.

Poor Kiba, he so desperately wanted to be Hokage but ended up an afterthought. We’d call him the Kirllin of Naruto, but that would be doing a disservice to one of the best Dragon Ball characters. Still, Kiba did get a happy ending of sorts, by which we mean Masashi Kishimoto was good enough to give him a partner as an adult (Unlike Lee). So who does Kiba marry in Naruto? Warning minor spoilers for one of the best anime series ever ahead.

Who does Kiba marry in Naruto?

After the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Kiba began a relationship with Tamaki. While the pair never got married in Boruto and some of the light novels set after the events of the Naruto anime, they’re to be a loving, if slightly argumentative, couple.  

Kiba and Tamaki’s relationship is likely a play on the idea of opposites attracting. As a member of the Inuzuka clan, Kiba has a close bond with his ninja dog Akamaru while Tamaki and her grandmother love cats and the Ninneko (Ninja-Cats).

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Indeed whenever we’ve seen Kiba and Tamaki together, they’re either hopelessly in love or in the middle of a massive argument about which four-legged animal is best (Spoilers, it’s cats).

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