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Mayans MC star calls season 5 finale the “perfect ending”

One of the Mayans MC cast's stars has said he thinks the season 5 finale episode was the "perfect ending", and we're agreeing with the TV series' actor.

JD Pardo as EZ and Clayotn Cardenas as Angel in Mayans MC season 5

Mayans MC has ended its run with the series finale episode ‘Slow to Bleed Fair Son’. The Sons of Anarchy spin-off ran for five seasons and followed the Mayans motorcycle club, with character drama and thrilling crime threads not dissimilar to the original, one of the best thriller series of the 2000s.

The Mayans MC season 5 release date was May 34, 2023, and the show has now wrapped its years-long story of the gang and the informant, EZ, infiltrating it, torn between what he agreed to do and his brother, Angel.

Star JD Pardo, who brought EZ to life, spoke to Entertainment Weekly in an interview conducted prior to the actors strike, and said the finale was the “perfect ending” to his time on the show. Major spoilers for the ending ahead!

Speaking about EZ giving Angel permission to kill him after his informant cover was blown and Bishop came for them, threatening to kill both brothers if Angel didn’t execute EZ, Pardo said, “The whole purpose of EZ this season was that he wanted to die.”

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“EZ would not want to be killed by a Son. That wasn’t going to happen. Not by the cartel, not by somebody on the street who has a hit out on him or whatever. That’s why it was the perfect ending for EZ, because it was like, ‘It needs to be my brother. I want it to be my brother.'”

When he read the episode’s script, the reality of letting go hit him. “In that moment it was like, ‘Wow, I really lived through this character for five years, and now it’s finished.’ It ended the way that we thought it should. It made sense for the character. I really didn’t think that I was going to be as attached as I was, given the time that I’ve spent in this business and the different characters I’ve played. I love playing them, and then I love letting them go. But this one hung on a little bit.”

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