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Marvel’s What If…? season 2 is “spectacular” say first reactions

The MCU has a Christmas present for us all in the form of Marvel's What If...? season 2, and by the sounds of it, we're in for a treat.

The Watcher from Marvel's What If season 2

There’s always a big Marvel movie around the corner, but we’re more concerned with the small screen right now, as Marvel’s What If? season 2 is on the way and the first reviews are positively glowing like a star atop a Christmas tree.

If you’re tired of the way the MCU always needs to connect the dots between upcoming Marvel movies and the releases that have come before, then the What If? Marvel series is the perfect antidote.

Now that the What If season 2 release date is creeping up on us, we can well and truly get excited about the show. Judging by the first reactions, we’re right to be excited, too.

According to Screen Rant’s Caitlin Tyrell, the second lot of episodes is “even stronger than the first,” which is high praise indeed, given season 1 was one of the best animated series of recent years. She also praises the animation style, which seems to have ramped up a notch.

Wendy Lee Szany suggests something for everyone with this new release, hinting at a first episode which is a “dark thriller,” while episode 2 has a “fun” holiday vibe. Meanwhile, Variety’s Jazz Tangcay describes the show’s animation as “awe-inspiring,” and Jana Nagase goes for “beautiful.” So, one thing’s for sure, the show is going to look incredible.

Personally, I just can’t wait to see all the different stories unfolding and the new ways the MCU can play around with the timelines. The show brilliantly subverts what we thought we knew about the Marvel characters we have grown to love over the years. The first season of What If was really playful, offered alternate realities unburdened by franchise rules, but still had a fascinating overarching story.

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A highlight for me from the first season was seeing the Avengers turning into flesh-eating zombies, which has me super hyped for the Marvel Zombies release date. I also hope we get to see more of one of the best Marvel villains, Ultron, in his Infinity Ultron form.

Until the show releases, let’s look ahead to new movies in Phase 5 and Phase 6, like Deadpool 3 and Captain America 4.